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Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, Now Available in Paperback!

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I can’t believe it! I’ve been so busy with 100 NIGHTMARES that I failed to update everyone on this awesome anthology. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign and pre-ordered. It was a…

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Introducing the PILOT episode for the Cosmic Cafe Show

Originally posted on Cosmic Cafe Show:
The PILOT Episode for Cosmic Cafe was produced by Eric Brown and the March / April 2014 TV Studio Class at Mid Peninsula Media Center, Palo Alto California. To learn more about the Mid…

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Huge Discovery! Ancient Nephilim Machinery Revealed in the Giza Plateau….

Originally posted on Lyn Leahz:
Throughout time many historians, scientists, and archaeologist have discovered ancient technology and machinery feats that defy our modern day comprehension. Egyptian artifacts and pictograms are found displaying unique light bulb generators which seem to illuminate…

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