Citizens Safely Sedated – Thou Shall Not Believe in UFOs

A fantastic analysis of humanity’s naive state of denial about life in the Universe.

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“Participation in North American democracy is largely based on the belief that citizens should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.”

This quote, taken from an unknown convocation address, not only magnifies the state of denial and ignorance in which a massive proportion of North Americans live; it is also an historical testament to the lies we are all prepared to accept for the sake of convenience.

Digest that for a moment before we proceed – because, quite frankly,  it doesn’t get much better.


No UFOs or elephants allowed in the dining room

Few issues are as stigmatized or ridiculed as the UFO/ET issue. Its reality is marginalized – its existence, as a viable mode of reasoning – that we are not alone in the universe – is disallowed.

For those unfamiliar with UFOs, beginning around 1947 or perhaps earlier the…

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