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Inanna on Extremism

This your world suffering under the influence of extremism. Too many of your species continue to cling to tribal God images that have taught you to war in their name. There is a real God of this universe, but he … Continue reading

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Novel Update: Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation

Formulating the Cover Plans for the release of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation continue to posh forward. My publisher and I have been collaborating on cover ideas. I found an amazing image online. My publisher mocked up a cover with it and … Continue reading

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A Greater Consciousness Arising

Today’s post is a multi-paragraph affirmation that captures the essence of a dream I had several years ago. May it inspire hope and remembrance in all who read it today. Remembrance that the world we live in is a choice … Continue reading

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Is Vedic Science Fact or Fiction?

As people interested in the possibility of ancient astronauts or the misinterpretation of extraterrestrial visitors as gods, we look to ancient Vedic literature as fertile ground for this exploration. However, a major political debate has broken out in India over … Continue reading

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