Is Vedic Science Fact or Fiction?


As people interested in the possibility of ancient astronauts or the misinterpretation of extraterrestrial visitors as gods, we look to ancient Vedic literature as fertile ground for this exploration.

However, a major political debate has broken out in India over the mixing of science and religion. It’s tenor, themes, and tones will be familiar to the western ear.

The BJP Party in India champions a hearty Indian nationalism and a somewhat fundamentalist and literal interpretation of Vedic texts.

The following debate took place on Indian TV. What an interesting look it provides into the Indian version of this global debate.

@BDUTT: Vedic Science, Fiction vs Fact. Watch @authoramish @samitbasu Vijay Bhatkar @SudhanshuTrived & others here:

Keep your eyes on the skies!


Book Update: I received some cover options from my publisher today. I’m reviewing them and we are moving rapidly toward a release date. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Is Vedic Science Fact or Fiction?

  1. I watched that whole video last night. It was no debate. It was a journalist conducting a puppet show. It was a vulture feeding her chicks.

    Nice to know the media in India is Americanized properly. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking for themselves. Very dangerous. 🙂


    • Ray A. Davis says:

      Totally agree with you. I did think it was interesting, though, how the discussion was slightly tilted in that science was viewed by some as a “foreign” philosophy that endangers traditional Indian values or the image some have of the ancient Indian culture. Whereas in the U.S., science often has the upper hand paints religion as a backward unscientific way to understand reality.

      • Excellent points. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. Wish I could have understood the two older guys who were getting talked over by the journalist. They had thick accents, spoke fast and were under constant ridicule for possibly “believing in airplanes that can fly backwards,” or something like that. I wish journalists and scientists could study UFO’s without losing their jobs. Maybe those things aren’t flying at all. Maybe swamp gas is the meaning of life, but we’ll never know. It’s all taboo.

      • Ray A. Davis says:

        Yes. That is very sad. More journalists and scientists are aware than we might think. The fear and condition in are very strong.

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