Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation Quotes

Today’s post includes quotes from my latest novel Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation. Preorders are now underway.

The Awakening has begun! Read the first two chapters or GET yours now.

Anunnaki Awakening Quote 1

Anunnaki Awakening Quote 2

Anunnaki Awakening Quote 3

Anunnaki Awakening Quote 4

About Ray A. Davis

Ray is a science fiction author, poet, personal development expert, and training professional. He is currently writing a science fiction trilogy titled Anunnaki Awakening. Book 1 - Revelation - is due out in Summer 2014. He is the founder and owner of The Affirmation Spot. He has been writing professional sales training at a Fortune 100 company for the past 13 years. Ray enjoys travel, photography, astronomy, history, college sports, and speculative topics. He lives in Louisburg, KS with his wife April and enjoys spending several weeks each year in Hawaii.
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