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I Have the Power … #Quote 255

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The Vision Thing

Today’s Affirmation: I am a visionary. I see things well ahead of the pack!” “The vision thing” was a phrase that became popular in political circles in 1987. During an interview with Time Magazine, then Vice-president George H.W. Bush answered … Continue reading

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The Moon and Beyond: Can Space Replace the War Economy?

Today’s Affirmation: “I identify the things and the people that inspire me and I make them the centerpiece of my life.” Can space replace war? What inspires you? What are the big dreams you have for yourself, your family, and humanity? … Continue reading

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Roadblocks are Shortcuts to Something Better than You Had Planned

Today’s Affirmation: “Roadblocks are simply shortcuts to something better than I had planned.” Today’s affirmation is a testament to our ability, indeed, our necessity to turn life’s obstacles into opportunities. There’s an old saying that life is what happens to us … Continue reading

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The Power to Be You – Introduction

This morning I am sharing the complete introduction to my ebook The Power to Be You: Game-Changing Posidigms for Daily Life. The introduction says a great deal about why I do what I am doing. Enjoy it. Please feel free … Continue reading

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The “I” Problem

Today’s Thought: The tribe says, “Pick a side.” The wise say, “Been there. Done that.” We awaken each day with a default setting that we are the center of the universe. That mindset is represented by the word “I”. “I … Continue reading

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Always Follow Your Bliss

Today’s Affirmation: I always follow my bliss! The late mythologist Joseph Campbell coined this phrase to describe his vision of what our life here on this planet is all about. He wrote, “If you do follow your bliss you put yourself … Continue reading

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WHAT You Seek is WHAT You Find

Everyone is familiar with the principle, as described in the Bible – “Seek and you will find”. This is a foundational element of applying the mind to resolving the chaotic world around us. It’s a very simple idea that seeking … Continue reading

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The Ancient Alien Question : A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors free download

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The Man and the Elephant

Today’s Thought: “The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.” ~Niels Bohr Do you ever get so focused on one thing that you miss the … Continue reading

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