The Gundam Multiverse – ガンダムシリーズ. Where to start

Nice article by The Earthian Hivemind about the Japanese anime/scifi franchise Gundam.

The Earthian Hivemind

It is possible that, albeit you might not be a anime / manga fan, you would still have heard something about a series called Gundam (or Gandamu, as in its Japanese transliteration): and with a reason. If there’s something comparable to the Star Trek universe in the Asian tradition this is certainly Gundam, in terms of longevity, complexity and interest. Created by the genius of Yoshiyuki Tomino (富野 由悠季) and produced by Sunrise Animation Studio, the original 1979 anime series has later on generated many sequels, prequels, spin-off, manga, OVAs, videogames and an impressive range of merchandise.

Gundam Model RX-78 Gundam Model RX-78

There are many reasons for the sheer success of this war drama (this is the most appropriate label, if one has indeed to be chosen) – sofisticate scenarios, the accuracy of the design, the credibility of the technology and some charismatic characters among them.

The first series, aired in 1979, is called Mobile Suit Gundam

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