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5 Truths for Truthers

The “truther movement” burst upon the American (and global) landscape after September 11 in response to a perceived and real lack of transparency by governments around the world about the true state of affairs on our planet. Such a movement … Continue reading

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Tapputi – c. 2000 BCE – Babylonian Mesopotamia

A fascinating piece of history from ancient Mesopotamia.

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Standard of Ur – Sumerian art

One of the great achievements of the upstart Sumerian culture was their high art. Here is a great example of that prowess.

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Countering Our Negative Mindsets: Globally and Personally

Today’s Affirmation: I believe in humanity. I believe in our potential. I believe our best days lie ahead! A character in George Bernard Shaw’s play Back to Methuselah stated, “Some people see things as they are and say why? I … Continue reading

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