Standard of Ur – Sumerian art

One of the great achievements of the upstart Sumerian culture was their high art. Here is a great example of that prowess.

It's Artalicious!


The standard of Ur is one of the most important artworks made during the Archaic Dynasties in Mesopotamia. It is the most complex expression of mosaic in the Sumerian civilization. This artifact is only 20 cm high and 47 cm long. It is made of nacre, lapis lazuli, red limestone and asphalt. The standard of Urwas made around 2600 BC and the British Museum has it in its collections.

The standard has four sides. The little sides are trapezoid shaped. On it, we can see either men or animals on three levels. The two long sides are the most important one. The mosaics represented on it are named “War” and “Peace”. Each of the panels has three levels and in order to understand them we need to read them from the bottom to the top. The first two levels have to be read left to right, but the higher…

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