Chapter 20 Excerpt – Maria Encounters The Father Creator

Concept illustration of positive energy and enlightenmentIn my novel Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation, Inanna shares with that the Anunnaki are monotheistic. This despite the fact they had foist polytheism on humanity and forced humans to worship them as gods.

Maria’s skepticism about the whole concept of God is put to the test in Chapter 20. During her first visit to Inanna’s Room of Ascension, she encounters The Father Creator for the first time.

Inanna seated herself on the floor a few feet from Maria. “Lights out,” she called.

The remaining electrical lights dimmed. Inanna closed her eyes and pressed her hands together. “Greetings, Father Creator. I call upon your wisdom to guide us in our endeavors. I call upon your strength to complete our tasks. Let your blessings rain upon all sentient beings, wherever they live in the cosmos. May our minds become one with your mind? Please welcome your beautiful child, Maria, into your presence.”

The room was quite dark. Maria spied around the room waiting to see what was going to happen. She was trying to be covert so as not to offend Inanna into thinking she wasn’t taking all of this seriously.

Suddenly Inanna shocked her back into the process, “Close your eyes and focus, Maria.”

“Father Creator,” Inanna spoke powerfully, “I have brought your daughter Maria to commune with you, to be one with you—even as I have been one with you. She seeks answers for herself and for her people. We await the boon of your wisdom.”

Maria felt the ambient energy surge. The room seemed to be pulsating rhythmically. She peeked again and saw electrical pulses climbing the walls on all sides. The lens at the apex of the pyramid concentrated the energy and transmitted out into space. A deafening buzzing sound dominated the room. Maria saw Inanna still speaking, but she could no longer hear her words. Maria reached for and grabbed Inanna’s hand.

The noise and the throbbing energy seemed to be reaching a crescendo and Maria felt her form rising and hovering above the floor. She closed her eyes again and discovered her vision enveloped by a purplish fog. In the distance, she perceived a rapidly spinning rainbow-colored wheel. Her stomach dropped and her heart raced as she accelerated toward the wheel. Faster and faster, she hurtled like an arrow aimed at a target. She winced as she was about to make impact. There was a blinding flash of white light then . . . nothing . . . literally nothing.

Maria felt her consciousness floating in an inky blackness with no sound, no dimension, no anything. She tried to speak, except she had no…mouth. Then she realized she could hear her thoughts . . . well not quite hear, but something approximating hearing. She spoke in her mind, “Inanna, where are you? Inanna?”

There was no reply. Maria felt a presence—a strangely familiar presence. She had that Deja Vu feeling again. She’d experienced this before, but she couldn’t place it. Over and again, her words echoed through her mind.

“Is this all there is? Is this what it’s all about?”

Then her questions stopped and a voice gentle like the evening breeze, but powerful like the ocean replied, “Now is the time, Maria, now!”

“The time for what?” she asked.

“The time for you to know, the time for you to act, the time for you to become.”

“Father Creator? Is that you?”

“Bless you, my precious child. Bless you, my special Maria. Your answers are at hand.”

“Are you The Father Creator Inanna told me about?”

“I am. I am that which is one—that which is all.”

“Are you . . . God?” asked Maria.

“You ask as if you fear the answer,” replied the voice.

“I’m not afraid,” barked Maria. “I’m cautious. How can I be sure you aren’t some kind of an illusion?”

“How can you be sure everything isn’t an illusion?” replied the voice ironically.

“Answering my questions with a question doesn’t inspire my confidence.”

Father Creator chuckled. “The damage of your programming is evident, my child. You have learned to start from doubt, rather than from belief. That is a great disadvantage in life.”

“When one lives in uncertain circumstances with uncertain outcomes, one tends to become that way,” retorted Maria.

“Again, you start with the negative, my child. Why do you presume uncertainty—because you do not know the outcome? That does not make it uncertain. Maybe it just makes it interesting.”

“I guess it’s all in how you look at it,” Maria agreed. “Still, you allow us to suffer through the pain of these outcomes and you do nothing. Why?”

“You moved quickly from doubting my reality to pointing a finger at me.”

“If you are who you claim to be, you know the reason and the context for my question. Why do you allow suffering and uncertainty to plague us?”

“It’s free will, Maria, free will. It’s the greatest and most powerful gift I have given any of you.”

“Free will is going to be your defense? Couldn’t you make things easier on us?”

“If I solved all your challenges for you, what would be the point of your existence? How would you ever grow? How would you ever get better?”

“Is that the reason we are here? Are we here to grow and get better? And then you grade us?”

“My, my. The Anunnaki conditioning runs quite deep in you, doesn’t it?”

“What conditioning?” Maria replied.

“This ridiculous notion you hold that God or the gods are going to judge and punish you. That’s nonsense the Anunnaki imprinted upon your species to control you. It is why I am working with my child, Inanna, to put this right for my human children. These slave thoughts must end.”

“You don’t judge?”

“I love. I encourage. I want what every parent wants—the best for his children.”

“So, no one gets punished? You’re perfectly OK with evil people getting away with evil things? There’s no justice in your universe?” charged Maria.

“Maria, my child, you make me feel like one of your interview subjects,” Father Creator said patiently.

“Maybe you are,” replied Maria.

“Of course, I have created a system of justice. It’s built into the fabric of the multiverse—not doled out as punishment or reward at the end of your lives.”

“I don’t’ see the justice built into the system. I see bad people getting away with horrific acts. I see people wallowing in endless poverty. Where are you when these things are happening?”

“You choose everything that happens to you. It may not be conscious and you may not see the links, but they are there. Free will, Maria. Free will.”

“You’re blaming poor people for being poor?” argued Maria.

Father Creator sought to allay Maria’s concerns, but also to challenge her to see beyond them. “I’m saying what seems unfair to your form seems imminently fair to your soul. Beyond the myopia of your forms, every experience has a purpose. You choose your experiences freely. Your soul has its reasons. I impose nothing upon you. I simply provide the canvass on which you create your realities.”

“What about justice for the Anunnaki? According to Inanna, they have committed grievous wrongs against humanity. Will they be punished?”

“The same rules apply to the Anunnaki or any other species in my realm. Their thoughts and their actions create their outcomes. What they did violated one of the few basic tenants of my universe. One must never interfere with the development of a sentient species—even I refuse to violate that principle. They did and those outcomes are still coming to fruition. Our discussion right now is part of balancing those events.”

“Why don’t you just fix what they did? Why must humanity continue to suffer under these delusions generation after generation?”

“I cannot clear your delusions, Maria. The Anunnaki
cannot clear your delusions. Humanity must clear its own
delusions, but first it must have the truth. You have chosen to be an emissary for the truth.”

“What did I choose? Inanna dragged me into this situation,” pleaded Maria. “I certainly did not ask for it.”

“Now, don’t act like a child, Maria. Your form didn’t choose, but your soul did. You came to right this wrong. You and everyone else, are precisely where they decided to be,” instructed Father Creator.

“But it’s not fair—”

“I didn’t promise fairness. I promised freedom.”

“Alright, what happens when humanity receives—I mean chooses—the truth?”

“That is the happy day when I welcome humanity into direct connection with me.”

“What do you mean direct connection?”

“Humanity’s consciousness was consumed by the Anunnaki ruse. Your minds were enslaved to perceptions of God so far removed from truth that you became unable to connect with me.”

“If you’re God, why can’t you connect with us?”

“It doesn’t work that way. You have free will. You can focus your attention on whatever you choose. The Anunnaki chose for you and misdirected your attention to them. It’s as if you became focused on reflected sunlight, rather than the sun.”

“There are people on my planet right now that would disagree with you. They believe they are connected directly to you and doing your will by hating and killing each other.”

“That’s a by-product of the Anunnaki delusion.”

“Those are semantics! They believe they’re doing God’s will. That doesn’t bother you? They pray for your blessing as they plot each other’s destruction. You’re detached from that reality?” demanded Maria.

“Maria, I accept your tone because I know you must release this anger before you can be a productive change agent. Of course, it bothers me. It devastates me. What would you have me do?”

“Make your intentions clear. Be the adult here. Correct them.”

“My intentions have always been clear, if you pay attention to the universe around you and the truths of nature. The problems you speak of are the direct result of the Anunnaki intervention. They misaligned your concept of God.”

“Then show up. Set things straight,” decried Maria.

“Maria,” laughed Father Creator, “I can’t show up in Time’s Square proclaiming the truth. The fools who believe they do my will by harming others won’t listen. They would call me a false god and find ways to discredit me. They recognize God only in their books. They would not recognize him in their streets. I’d probably be arrested or shot.”

Maria chuckled and agreed that was probably true. “So, what then? What’s this plan Inanna and you have cooked up?”

“I have no plans. This is Inanna operating under her free will. She’s working to change history on two worlds and you are part of her plan to make it happen on Earth. Remember—”

“I know. Free will,” Maria finished, seeing a pattern in Father Creator’s responses.

“Most of all, I want peace for you, my child. Do you remember the dream on the planet? You were running and you jumped—”

“Off the ledge. That was you?”

“That was me.”

“I thought you didn’t intervene,” Maria chided.

“Well, maybe on special situations,” Father Creator admitted. “Do you recall what happened when you ran and jumped off the ledge?”

“I ran to the edge and I leaped. I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t. Something, someone…you caught me and helped me land safely.”

“That dream was a metaphor for this journey you are about to embark upon. Just remember, I am always here for you. There are no mistakes. Everything is for your growth and your improvement.”

Maria felt a sense of playfulness suddenly overcome her. “How does one create a universe?” she asked.

“Well, that’s complicated, Maria,” confided Father Creator. “The best analogy, in your terms, is that I manifested a very, very advanced software program with amazingly complex holographic properties.”

“So, we are all just imaginary beings in a massive computer program?”

“No. You are far more than that. My analogy was technically accurate, but it fails to communicate the true nature of this reality or your significance within it. If I am a great bonfire, then you are each sparks from that fire. Does that make sense?”

Maria puzzled. “Do you mean that we are all a part of you?”

“Nothing in my realm is apart from me, Maria.”

“In your realm? Are there realms beyond yours? Are you the only one of your kind?” Maria asked in rapid fire.

“Everything you could possibly conceive of as being a part of existence is within my realm,” explained Father Creator.

“But not everything that is?” Maria followed.

“The explanation might confuse you.”

“Then confuse me,” Maria agreed.

“My kind exists in a state that is beyond what you would refer to as reality. We live to create. Each of us creates according to the dictates our being. We are completely sovereign over that which we create and our creation can take any form of our choosing.”

“So, there are others like you who create other universes?”

“In a manner of speaking. What you consider a universe does not capture the complete essence of these creations. When you say others, you imply separation where there is none.”

“But you said your kind.”

“That is a limitation of your language. We are all manifestations of one and our creations, though diverse, are as well.”

“You’ve done it. You’ve confused me,” shared Maria. “Does it make sense to ask how many dimensions are included in your creation?”

“As you understand the concept of dimensions, there are thirty-three dimensions in my realm. Yet, the most highly evolved beings only occupy the eighth dimension. That is where the growth and the free come in, Maria. You are all slowly scaling a thirty-three-dimension reality. Humans and Anunnaki are operating only in four dimensions. There is so much more for you to know and to understand.”

“Wait, I thought we lived in a three-dimensional universe,” questioned Maria.

“That is a very common misconception. Your physicists long ago established that you live in four dimensions: height, width, depth, and time.”

“How does the Anunnaki intervention in Earth history impact the path we are on?” asked Maria.

“The Anunnaki denied you your connection to me. Without that connection, you have become stuck in a three-dimensional paradigm that you take far too seriously and much too literally.”

Maria had exhausted her questions for now. She had some of her answers. She now understood her questions and maybe her answers were going to change worlds.

“Thank you, Father Creator. Will I have a chance to speak to you again?” asked Maria.

“I guarantee it, my child. For now, I leave you with a vision—a vision of The Future Possible. Blessings to you and yours, my beautiful child.”

Images now passed rapidly through Maria’s mind—like a slideshow moving too fast. She felt like the images were trying to depict an Earth at peace and living in harmony with others in the cosmos. She could feel each human being free to explore his or her full potential. Finally, there was an image of a baby. Maria felt warm and she felt satisfied for the moment.

As the last images faded, these words reverberated through her mind. “Trust, Maria, trust.”

Maria jolted and again found herself accelerating rapidly—this time toward a bright white light. She wanted to shield her eyes, but she had no hands. Just before impact, the white light resolved back into the color wheel. She passed through the wheel and snapped back into regular consciousness, as she felt her body gently come to rest on the floor of Inanna’s Ascension Room.

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