Immanuel Velikovsky – 1964 Interview

BVelikovsky_01efore Von Daniken, before Sitchin, there was Immanuel Velikovsky. His book, Worlds in Collision, was published in 1950, He was one of the first scholars to draw on multiple fields of study to piece together a history humanity and our solar system.
Wildly controversial in academic circles even today, his work created a firestorm of criticism from scholars similar to what all new thinkers face when they challenge the status quo. Yet, over the succeeding 15 years that book and his subsequent books were time and again demonstrated to be scientifically correct, against overwhelming expert opposition.
This Camera Three interview broadcast on CBS in 1964 covers many of his triumphs over traditional academia.
An interesting side note, Velikovsky predicted a very warm Venus based on his theory that it was a new planet to the solar system within historic times. Mainstream science estimated Venus had a surface temperature of about 60 degrees F. Probes subsequently measured Venus’ temperature at 600 to 800 degrees F (later probes confirmed 864 degree average). Scientists then claimed, in opposition to Velikovsky’s theory, that Venus’ temperature was the result of a greenhouse effect (sound familiar?) This later became the basis for the 1988 paper that has led to our modern climate change debate. Velikovsky points out in this interview that a greenhouse effect would, at best, result in 175 degree temperature on Venus.
Watch the interview.

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