Sitchin is Right – Reason #1

sitchin_2As someone working on a series of books partly based on the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, I’ve given a lot of thought to the ongoing debate about his work. Having been exposed to his work for many years, I’ve drawn my own conclusions about what I think he got right and what I think he may have gotten wrong.

The mainstream paints “Sitchinites” as a kind of new-age religious cult believing in space alien gods and a planet that will come crashing into Earth one day soon. Those strains are out there, for sure, but most of the people I know who study Sitchin’s work are some of the most well-read people I know. They don’t base their paradigms completely on him. They simply see him as the clearest explanation that pulls the paradigm together.

So, in response to Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s well-known website called Sitchin is Wrong, I’m going to write a series of blogs to explore why I believe Sitchin right.

Reason #1. Sitchin is an honest journalist. He may not have been the most skilled near-eastern linguist on the planet and we’ll deal with that assertion in a future blog post. However, he takes the Sumerians as eye-witnesses to the events in their world.

I don’t know about you, but TV analysis drives me a little nuts. You watch an event or listen to a speaker and then they bring on a team of experts to explain to you what you just saw or heard. The assumption is you’re not smart or “trained” enough to analyze it yourself. You need their help.

Many academic fields, including archaeology, work the same way. Strike one against Sitchin, or against you, is you lack the training to properly assess the Sumerian texts and all the sub-meanings you should attribute to them. Because just like a news network, they need you to see the information terms of the proper theory – theirs.

Here are just a few of the many examples.

  • Sitchin says that the Sumerians claim their gods came from the sky (maybe space is a modern interpretation), but for sure from the sky. The Sumerians are one of many ancient cultures who make this same claim.
    • Experts (aka the analysts) say, “Well, yes, it may say that, but we know that can’t be true. The impossibility of faster-than-light travel means that no such beings could reach Earth. Besides, we see no evidence of that today, so it can’t be true.” They dismiss what the eyewitnesses say and fill it in with what they know to be true. Sitchin just reports what the texts say.
  • Sitchin says that the Sumerians claim their gods lived among them and ruled them.
    • Experts (aka the analysts) say, “Yes, the texts say that, but we know that must be myth and metaphor. We already ruled out the gods’ reality or ability to get to Earth.
  • Sitchin says that the Sumerians claim their gods gave them the knowledge on which they built their civilization, by everyone’s agreement, quickly and from nothing.
    • Experts (aka the analysts) say, “Well, we’re not sure how they emerged so quickly, but we know these imaginary gods could not have helped them.” The newest line of argument includes, “You’re denying human achievement and thinking little of our ancestors by suggesting they needed the help.” (emotional argument)

These are just three examples. I could cite many, many more. The theme is always the same. Sitchin takes the Sumerian reports at face value and reports what they say happened. The experts repeatedly take the approach of, “Yeah, yeah we know what the texts say, but here’s what we know really happened.”

Sitchin gives the Sumerians credit for being able to tell us what was going on around them. Just like we would believe the eyewitness to an accident before we’d believe an accident expert who wasn’t there.

The experts are generally dismissive. They claim we’re dealing with illiterate, unscientific people who made up all these stories to make sense of their world.

Who do you believe? The Sumerians or today’s experts?

That’s Reason #1 Sitchin is Right.

Stay in your truth!


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3 Responses to Sitchin is Right – Reason #1

  1. Aethyrius says:

    I enjoy your candor and appreciate your use of deductive reasoning, rather than reductive. It is astounding how stubborn the archaeological establishment can be when it comes to making assumptions about whether or not the ancients were competent enough to make accurate statements of what they actually experienced.

    • Ray Davis says:

      Sorry. I’d missed your comment. Thank you for the kind words. It is frustrating. It impacts how we all see ourselves and the world. It’s important we consider the options.

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