Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – Chapter 29 Excerpt – Maria and Inanna visit Mars

Inanna led Maria to the Vimana’s aft bay. The pilot was already seated in the driver’s seat of a high-tech dune buggy. They climbed into the back seat. The bay doors lowered and became a ramp. The buggy eased down the ramp and out onto the Martian surface. 
For a moment, Maria forgot about tomorrow’s presidential press conference and everything else back on Earth. She was dumbfounded to be rambling across the Martian landscape. 
“Inanna, this is amazing! Thank you for bringing me, but why are we here?” 
Inanna did not answer. Instead, she pointed to a series of large structures ahead. The buildings seemed purposely camouflaged to match the Martian surface. As they approached the massive complex, Maria could see they weren’t made of dirt or rock. Their composition was a combination of metal, stone, and other materials cleverly mixed to blend into the landscape. The driver pulled up in front of the largest structure. 
“Let’s go inside,” said Inanna encouraging Maria to follow her. 
“Isn’t it too cold?” 
“It is summer,” Inanna chuckled. 
“What about oxygen? Don’t we need space suits?” 
“That’s part of what I need you to know.” 
The top of the buggy slowly flipped open. Maria held her breath, not sure what to expect. Inanna was already outside the vehicle walking around. Maria followed her on a leap of faith. In the distance, the sun looked pale and bluish in the Martian sky. The temperature compared to an early spring afternoon in D.C. She cautiously opened her mouth and slowly inhaled and exhaled. To her surprise, she could . . . breathe. 
“Pace yourself, Maria, there is far less oxygen than on Earth. You will tire easily, but it is breathable.” 
“It reminds me of my trek to a Himalayan base camp in Nepal,” Maria shared. 
“How is this possible? Mars is not supposed to have a breathable atmosphere.” 
“Take your foot and scratch the surface,” Inanna instructed. Maria took her right foot and kicked the dirt beneath her feet. The red dirt was only a few millimeters thick. Beneath the red veneer, the soil was volcanic black. She looked back up at Inanna in surprise.  
“Do you understand the paradox, Maria? The red dirt is oxidized. Your scientists believe the oxidation occurred eons ago when—according to their theories—Mars had water and a more substantial atmosphere. 
Yet, the same scientists readily admit the planet is prone to huge dust storms. So, tell me, Maria, how does the planet maintain this thin layer of ancient red dirt when it’s being blown around constantly?” 
“I don’t know.” 
“The oxidation continues. It’s happening right now. There is less than when we first came here two million years ago. There is far less than when one of your ancient Earth civilizations built the structures you’re looking at right now, but the rocks and the dirt continue to oxidize. There is breathable oxygen here!” 
“This is astonishing, Inanna, for sure. I’m not seeing the significance.” 
“If the people of Earth knew their nearest planetary neighbor was more hospitable than they had been told, don’t you think there would be a bigger demand to come here?” 
“I suppose.” 
“To become a spacefaring race is the next natural step for humanity, but you have been purposely bottled up by planted paradigms rife with disinformation. The first paradigm holds Earth has too many problems to waste resources on space exploration. The second asserts there is nothing to see out here—just desolate, lifeless worlds.” 
“I don’t understand the purpose of the deception.” 
“My government doesn’t want humanity taking those next steps into adulthood or to understand its heritage. It immediately discredits the ideology, claiming Earth people are inferior. Because my government doesn’t want it and it controls those who control your governments, your governments have followed suit—publicly at least—with this cover up.” 
“What do you mean publicly?” 
“The public space programs on Earth are not the real space programs. They have been set up to perpetuate those two lies—that there are better uses of your resources and there is nothing to see out here. Meanwhile, governments have secretly been exploring the solar system and even trying to create small bases on the Moon and Mars. I know you were young, but do you remember the long string of ‘accidents’ on public Mars rovers back in the 1990s?” “I remember reading something about them.” 
“Those American and Russian probes were destroyed because there was a virtual war going on around Mars. Your governments wanted to establish a covert presence here and my government was determined not to allow it. So, instead of the truth you were told stories like some grad student did the math wrong on a mission planned for ten years and the vehicle crashed because of that miscalculation.” 
Maria looked up and around taking in the view of the massive structure in front of her. She could see others grouped together in the distance. The color of the structures matched the Martian surface. The oddly shaped roofs caused them to blend with the planet’s surface features. 
“You said people from Earth built these structures?” 
“Yes. It was one of the civilizations before Lemuria. These structures were built when Mars was still a moon of Tiamat. That civilization possessed highly advanced technology—technology beyond what the Anunnaki possess today.”

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