A Brief Case for China’s Yellow Emperor

yellow_emperor1For more than 3500 years Huángdì – China’s Yellow Emperor – was viewed as a historical figure and cultural hero of Chinese civilization.

His traditional birthdate is 2704 B.C. He is said to have ruled 100 years from 2697-2597 B.C. The stories about his life and achievements call into question who he was and where he came from. His achievements, his lifespan, and tales of his life seem superhuman.

Let’s be specific. He is traditionally credited with teaching human beings to build shelters, tame animals, build the bow and sling, and cultivate the five traditional Chinese cereal crops. He was said to have created crown of Chinese kingship and the traditional royal thrones used by kings. He taught the people astronomy, mathematical calculation, created the first calendar, gave the people a code of sound laws, and created the Chinese version of football. He is said to have inspired an early Chinese historian to create the first version of Chinese character writing. One of his wives taught the people to weave baskets, farm silk worms and spin silk, and dye clothing. He was also traditionally viewed as the founder of the Chinese central state and Taoism. 

That’s quite a list of contributions and places him among other cultural benefactors described by ancient cultures around the world…beings who came, ruled, and gave humans the tools of basic culture.

Was he extraterrestrial or did he have connections to extraterrestrials? He was said to have four faces that allowed him gaze in the four directions and know all that was going on in the world. He had the ability to communicate directly with the “gods” in his prayers and meditations. He was said to be accompanied by tigers, snakes, wolves, and flocks of fabled phoenix birds wherever he went.

There is a story that one of the gods – The Lord of the Wind – attacked his empire. The god sent a fog to envelop the emperor’s army, but his daughter, Ba, evaporated the rain and fog. The god admitted defeat. This would seem to indicate that his offspring had powers beyond mere mortals.

Where did he get the cultural information he passed along to his people? He is said to have had a dream where climbed aboard a dragon and was taken to mythical East Sea. There the dragon shared the knowledge of the “supernatural races” with him. They were said to number either 1522 or 11,522, depending on how you read the number in Chinese.

He was given the Tao philosophy and told how it could create a harmonious, cultured, and self-sufficient civilization aligned with the laws of the Universe. Upon his return, he began implementing what he had learned in his empire.

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The Yellow Emperor

Was he real or mythological? For more than 3500 years, he was viewed as an historical figure and not mythological. Chinese historians as far back as 1000 B.C. attested to ample documentation proving he was a real, living being who apparently achieved the things attributed to him. During the Warring States Period, he was mythologized by one of the warring clans and this is latched onto my modern scholars who have sought to mythologize him.

During the second decade of 20th century, the New Culture Movement took hold in China. This was a cultural rebellion aimed at modernizing and liberalizing Chinese culture. Its purveyors viewed anything associated with the old patrilineal system as evil. The Yellow Emperor was a virtual symbol of that history. The Doubting Antiquity School of Chinese History was born.

The movement’s proponents argued China should end the patriarchal family, liberalize women’s rights, become more democratic, use critical thinking methods to analyze Confucian and pre-Confucian texts (such as those about the Yellow Emperor, view China as a nation among nations and not unique, and reorient China to the future rather than the past. These noble goals became tangled with the need to discredit the old ideas the people had believed for so long.

The Yellow Emperor had to mythologized. Chinese NCM scholars began writing papers criticizing and mythologizing traditional Chinese history and they found aid among western scholars eager to do the same with their ancient “myths.” Soon, the Yellow Emperor was “just a myth” and his deeds and stories also “just myth.”

However, in the years since there has been a cultural reversal. Many of the criticisms of the Yellow Emperor’s historicity were based on arguments that the seminal work of ancient Chinese history – Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian – could not have been based on reliable documentation more than 1000 years after the Yellow Emperor’s life. In the past several decades, archaeological finds have continued to confirm the accuracy of Sima Qian’s accounts, lending credibility to all of them including those about the Yellow Emperor.

What is my position? I always say we must lend more credence to ancient accounts from around the world and the information they share about our past. Until proven wrong, I will always take the word of an ancient “myth” over that of a modern scholar trying to make a political or philosophical case against divine or extraterrestrial intervention in our past. This situation is just another case of a story with a lot of history and evidence behind it vs. modern scholars seeking to revise history to protect the mainstream version of their paradigm.

Keep seeking and keep your eyes on the skies!


Ray Davis is the author of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – order your signed copy today at AATrilogy.com – founder of The Affirmation Spot and an advocate for the potential of the human race. He’s life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education. He’s always been fascinated by alternative views of history.

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