Osiris: Judgment of Humanity

osiris_judgmentAccording to ancient Egyptian texts, the alien-god Osiris was born the eldest son of the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut. He was said to have reigned twice over Egypt for a total of 433 years. Several texts refer to him as a giant, some giving measurements between seven and 15 feet in height.

After overcoming his own death, he became the god of death, transition, and resurrection. Thus, he was the god who judged pharaohs in particular, but humanity as a whole. He had an interesting method for judging us, as shown in the image.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead provides the most famous example of this story. Upon death the heart of a person’s soul was presented to Osiris. The soul would open its plea for salvation with a prayer and then recite 42 negative confessions. This tried to demonstrate to the god that the soul had sought the true meaning of life rather than getting lost in the triviality of daily life. Then the soul would state, “I am pure,” multiple times. However, the god did not take the soul’s word for it.

The heart of the soul was placed on a scale of justice and weighed against the feather of the goddess Ma’at. Ma’at was the goddess of truth, purity, and justice. If the heart weighed less than the feather, the soul was escorted to Osiris’ heavenly abode (Duat) in a realm beyond space, time, and matter. If the heart was heavier than the feather, it was fed to Ammit – the devourer of souls. Ammit’s abode was next to a lake of fire. After Ammit consumed the soul was either cast into the lake of fire or doomed aim restlessly for eternity. Thoth recorded the fate of each soul in a permanent record.

This story has many parallels with today’s three great monotheistic faiths. The motif of a god’s death, transition to the underworld, and resurrection was picked up by later polytheistic traditions in Europe and the mediterranean and by Christianity. It’s clear this concept of human judgment was adopted by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The lake of fire seems to be directly drawn from this story. The concept of the dead going to a pleasant or unpleasant abode based on their actions in life is another crossover from this tradition.

Did the gods, small g, create these kinds of stories to frighten humanity into submission? Are such stories used for the same purpose today? Or, did they set up an actual multidimensional prison of life, death, and rebirth into different realms that traps our souls in an endless cycle of “samsara” as the great Indian traditions suggest? How much is true and how much is just disempowering messaging directed a unruly and juvenile species?

This is a topic of immense interest to humanity. Unless we know the truth about the system we are a part of and what these advanced being have in mind for us, how can we ever be free?

Keep seeking. Keep questioning.


Ray Davis is the author of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – order your signed copy today at AATrilogy.com – founder of The Affirmation Spot and an advocate for the potential of the human race. He’s life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education. He’s always been fascinated by alternative views of history.

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I am the Founder of The Affirmation Spot, author of Annuanki Awakening, and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. My latest books are the Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation (Book 1 of a trilogy) and The Power to Be You: 417 Daily Thoughts and Affirmations for Empowerment. I have written prolifically on the topics of personal development and human potential for many years. By day, I write sales training for Fortune 100 company. I began studying affirmations and positive thinking after a life-threatening illness at 25. My thirst for self-improvement led him to read the writings of Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many other luminaries in the fields of mythology and motivation. Over time, I have melded these ideas into my own philosophy on self-development. I have written, recorded, and used affirmations and other tools throughout that time to improve my own life and I have a passion for helping other reach for their goals and dreams. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies from University of Kansas. He lives in Spring Hill, Ks with his wife.
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