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Was Nikola Tesla Guided by Outside Entities?

The question of where inspiration comes from is as old as humanity. As a writer, I follow a long line of word crafters in talking about my muse. I’ve often said ideas for my writing come from the void that is … Continue reading

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#AncientAliens: Another Possible Moon Theory

Our moon is an interesting object. Mainstream science doesn’t really understand how a body like that orbits a planet the size of Earth. Then there’s the Sun and Moon coincidence. The size difference of the two bodies is almost exactly … Continue reading

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Quotes to Help You Wipe the Status Quo from Your Eyes

Most of us know the status quo cannot continue. Our species and our planet are reaching a point of decision. Will we allow our habitual ways of doing things, seeing things, and thinking about things continue to lead us toward … Continue reading

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Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation Excerpt – Interventionism

“There must be a third option. I believe it was interventionism and the Anunnaki did it,” Jaypee asserted pointing at Inanna. “Interventionism, I don’t understand, Jay.” “Human beings were not created—not in the sense you hear about in church. We … Continue reading

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Damn It! Just Be You

Originally posted on The Affirmation Spot Blog:
I was out taking a walk with my dog on this beautiful summer afternoon. The Sun was busy being the Sun. Grasshoppers were busy being grasshoppers. I didn’t see one tree trying to…

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Leading Geneticist Questions Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

By Michele Monroe, ANN July 8, 2022 (New York, NY) She’s brilliant. She’s beautiful. Now Dr. Sloane McKay is challenging the genetics establishment and along with it the holy grail of scientific orthodoxy — Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. “Don’t … Continue reading

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Chapter 40 Excerpt – The Cadre

  When the Anunnaki left the day-to-day operation of Earth Corp and converted it into an economic vassal state of Nibiru, they created a small group of Anunnaki super hybrids to run their business for them. These human hybrids ran … Continue reading

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Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – Chapter 19 Excerpt

Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation Excerpt – Chapter 19 Maria and Inanna talking at dinner. “We are very sturdy creatures—strong and stoic—as you pointed out. We became the perfect hired military muscle in the galaxy. When planets went to war, they hired … Continue reading

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Your Work Has Just Begun

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
You may have been feeling lately that, to advance spiritually, you will need to leave behind all that is familiar, comfortable and safe.  In the past, when the consciousness level of your Earth plane…

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Reincarnation Makes Hating Hypocritical

Recent polls show that 20 percent of Americans believe in reincarnation. However, we are way outside the global average when you take into account Hinduism and the suppressed global numbers of Buddhists thanks to the Chinese Government, it’s likely that … Continue reading

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