Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – Chapter 19 Excerpt

imageAnunnaki Awakening: Revelation

Excerpt – Chapter 19

Maria and Inanna talking at dinner.

“We are very sturdy creatures—strong and stoic—as you pointed out. We became the perfect hired military muscle in the galaxy. When planets went to war, they hired Anunnaki mercenaries. This allowed us to amass the best military technology from around the known galaxy. We used it to increase our influence and our power.”

“It’s fascinating how similar you sound to humans . . . in your flaws, I mean. Sorry, that came out the wrong way,” said Maria, sipping and swallowing a bigger gulp of wine than she’d planned.

“No,” waved Inanna, “It’s a fair charge. The apple does not fall far from the tree. You have much of us in you. When our DNA became your DNA, many of our flaws became your flaws.”

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About Ray A. Davis

Ray is a science fiction author, poet, personal development expert, and training professional. He is currently writing a science fiction trilogy titled Anunnaki Awakening. Book 1 - Revelation - is due out in Summer 2014. He is the founder and owner of The Affirmation Spot. He has been writing professional sales training at a Fortune 100 company for the past 13 years. Ray enjoys travel, photography, astronomy, history, college sports, and speculative topics. He lives in Louisburg, KS with his wife April and enjoys spending several weeks each year in Hawaii.
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