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Messages from Inanna #4

(From aboard my Royal Battle Cruiser – Rakbu) Humanity is a species that won’t even take its own side in a battle against beings who have deceived you for millennia. Instead, you continue to fall on your knees, faces, and … Continue reading

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Stuff God Says- Part I

Today is the first in an ongoing series of posts that wonders aloud who the God (gods) is that are described in some of the world’s holy texts? I am not writing these articles to criticize anyone’s belief. I’m writing … Continue reading

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Inanna’s Five Principles – Decree for Human Freedom

In Chapter 36 of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation, Inanna defies the Nibiruan government and issues the following five-point decree on the Human Question. Here is the entire chapter for your reading pleasure. (Begin excerpt) The stress of the confrontation with her … Continue reading

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