Who Built the Great Pyramid?

great_pyramids_gizaWho built the Great Pyramid and other massive and complex megaliths around the world? It’s a classic question in Ancient Alien theory.

The question came up for me again this weekend, as I was politely sparring with someone who doubts AA Theory on Twitter. He put the question to me. Prove that humans DIDN’T build the Great Pyramid. Of course, an honest answer is that I can’t PROVE it. What I can do and what all what all of us can do is look at the facts and draw the best conclusions we can on a puzzle we don’t have all the pieces to.

For several years, I’ve contacted large engineering and construction firms asking them if they could replicate the Great Pyramid structure, even using modern technology. Only a couple have responded and their responses, when they dug into the specs, were tentative. The main answer seems to be, using modern technology, we think we could.

I currently have a question into The Curiosity Desk at WGBH here in Boston. This is a periodic on-air segment that attempts to answer scientific mysteries. I’ve asked them to find the engineering and construction firm that thinks they can and how long it would take them.

Back in 1997, the PBS show Nova aired a show asking these questions. here in the US did a show about this. Here’s the transcript of that program.  They interviewed to traditional Egyptologists, Mark Lehner and Zawi Hawass, and asked for their views on who built the pyramids. Hawass has become famous for his running feud with Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval over their alternative views of the age and function of the pyramids.

The link below is a transcript of that show.


They went to a large US engineering firm, with pulling stones up ramps Theory in hand, and the engineering firm told them they could build it with with local quarry sources, using local labor, and some modern technology in 20-40 years with a crew of 4000-5000.

Even in the Egyptologist’s own description the engineering firm “glossed over” some items like the pristine fit of the stones and other complexities that would give replicators an issue. They also play to the emotional card that we are somehow dismissing the capabilities of our ancestors.

No, AA Theory actually listens to the accounts of our ancestors and who they say gave them the help and technology needed to create these amazing structures and found our ancient cultures. We don’t dismiss their account as “mere myth,” leaving us to try to figure out how this was done without advanced technology or intervention. This is the corner the mainstream points itself into because of its determination not accept any extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or supernatural agency in these buildings. Further, they won’t even allow for the possibility, as posited by Ancient Civilization Theory, that many of these structures were created by an unknown advanced Earth civilization that is unacknowledged by mainstream history.

I’ve also encountered two disturbing racial lines of thought around this topic. Both have been shared with me by private message on Facebook more than once. The first is Ancient Alien Theory is racist. The premise is that it seeks to explain the accomplishments of black and brown people through the use of an “Aliens Did It” explanation. The other is the coutner-opposite theory. I’ve been told that white humans created these structures and that there’s an attempt to steal white heritage by claiming aliens or black or brown people did it.

I cannot speak for the entire AA Community. I can only speak for me. I thoroughly reject both of these ideas as part of that “level of thinking” Einstein noted that cannot solve the problems before us. NEITHER of these theories plays any role in my thinking on AA Theory or who built the Great Pyramid. Period. Full stop.

egyptian-godsThen there is theory that uses the discovery of engineering plans for lesser pyramids to extrapolate that the the three Great Pyramids at Giza were constructed the same way. The size, complexity, and workmanship of these other pyramids cries out fraud when compared to the Great Pyramids. It’s apparent to a grade-schooler that pyramids we do have plans for are cheap knock-offs of the real McCoy.

One can imagine the ancient Egyptian civilization either finding these massive structures already in existence from a previous advanced civilization or trying to reverse engineer structures “the gods” helped them create. We can draw an analogy to what many of us believe is going on at Area 51. You have real extraterrestrial craft and you have the ones we have reverse engineered. Clearly, real craft are infinitely advanced to our attempts to replicate them. The same holds true here. Plans for these simple pyramids to do not prove the Egyptians built the Great Pyramids.

So, what are we left with? Who built these Great Pyramids and other massive megaliths around the world. I’m open to considering humans did it, but they didn’t do it given the constraints mainstream science and history places upon them. If humans created these, one of three suppositions the mainstream will not acknowledge is true.

  1. Ancient humans (either the cultures we know or some previously more advanced civilization) had access to home-grown knowledge or technology that mainstream science and history won’t accept as possible at that time. They didn’t slave these things for decades to fulfill the ego of some dead Pharaoh. That’s utter nonsense no matter how many times it’s repeated.
  2. Ancient humans got help from extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or supernatural beings, as described in many texts throughout the world. Again, this challenges scientific atheism, the premise that faster-than-light travel is impossible, and Darwinian evolution, and the slow but steady civilization theory. All of these are sacred cows to the mainstream and cannot be challenged.
  3. These structures were not created by the ancient civilizations we know, but are relics of a previous advanced Earth civilization the predates a major cataclysm. Again, this idea challenges too many sacred cows for the establishment. They’re not wiling to go there.

They mainstream leaves themselves with no other possibility, but the slave labor theory. They won’t question their paradigms or consider these other rather obvious options because it threatens their orthodoxy.

Can I say I have irrefutable PROOF that Ancient Aliens helped build or provided the know-how to build these structures? No. None of us, if we’re being honest, can say we 100 percent know. That statement includes the mainstream, but they won’t budge an inch to acknowledge that their theories have as many proofs against as AA Theory.

AA Theory does have overwhelming textual evidence from civilizations around the world that say the “gods,” the star beings, the people from the sky helped us. The mainstream dismisses that information as “mere myth.” What reason do they give for dismissing it? We “just know” those stories can’t be true. We were dealing with unsophisticated people – except when they were building the Great Pyramids – who made up these gods and beings to explain things they didn’t understand in their world.

What is the average observer to make of this debate? Whether they are true believer in AA Theory or a “must debunk it” person, here’s what I’d say.

Take what’s useful in the mainstream information. Take what’s in AA Theory and Ancient Civilization Theory. Take your own thoughts and instincts based on all the information. Build your own puzzle. All this information is useless until you think this through and you decide where the evidence – if not the proof – points.

To those determined to short-circuit this conversation and shut down debate of the mainstream view, I’d say this. If you’re waiting for AA Theory to produce some irrefutable fact that forces you to scale the walls of your doubt it, you’ll be waiting a long time. AA Theory is not responsible for overcoming a lifetime of religious, scientific, and historical dogma that tells you the mainstream has figured all of this out for you. I’d only say be fair. Give AA Theory the same thought power you’ve invested in the mainstream view. Question the mainstream view as adamantly as you question AA Theory.

When ALL the evidence is weighed without dismissal and prejudice, I’m confident you’ll know who built the pyramids.


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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