Dammit, Jim, It’s Not Disclosure


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We are coming up on six weeks since the now-famous New York Times UFO article. The debate as to whether this is Disclosure or not rages on in the UFO community and beyond. Like many others, I’ve been back and forth over these weeks. Today I’m coming down firmly in the camp that what we’ve seen to date is not Disclosure.

I want it to be Disclosure. I’d be happy if it was Disclosure. It’s just not. I heard respected UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, call it confirmation in an interview on Portal to Ascension. He said these revelations are meant to grease the skids for bigger revelations. They’re designed to make the topic more acceptable to discuss in polite company. Those are all positive steps, but they’re not Disclosure.

In an interview with Linda Moulton Howe, Stephen Basset of Paradigm Research described what’s happening as the intelligence agencies, realizing that this is about to break, working to position themselves as the good guy in the cover up. He points out that Tom DeLonge and many of those around him have taken an apologist tone for why government agencies have had to hide this from the public for so many years. He suggests we’re witnessing a kind of PR campaign to immunize them from blame.

So why the video from the 1995 film The American President? There’s a wonderful scene between Michael J. Fox and Michael Douglas in which Fox’s character talks about how people are so thirsty for leadership they’ll drink sand. Douglas retorts that they don’t drink sand because they’re desperate. They drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.

Many of us who are passionate and knowledgeable about the UFO/extraterrestrial topic have lived in a kind of proverbial desert much our lives. We’ve dealt with family and friends chiding us for our ideas and we’ve dealt with government and mainstream culture that ridicules, dismisses, and lies about the topic. Many have even taken a kind of stoic view, myself included, that we don’t need Disclosure. We know what we know and who cares if the government acknowledges or not. That’s a form of drinking sand because we’ve gone without water for so long.

When this New York Times article was published and newly minted former intelligence officials came out, shared this video, and did interviews, it was natural to feel we’d finally reached a legitimate oasis. There’s no doubt this was a massive step forward and a very good thing. But, it was not Disclosure.

I’ll admit it. I’ve waffled. I tried to make this Disclosure. I’ve played the “who needs Disclosure” game. The fact is we ALL need true Disclosure and dammit we deserve it.

Let’s define Disclosure. Disclosure is not a cool video and some testimony from a few people that momentarily captures public attention. Disclosure is the end of SITTING government officials being deceptive on this topic. Disclosure is the government acknowledging they’ve been studying this phenomenon, spending massive amounts of our tax dollars on it, and keeping information secret for decades.

Disclosure means turning a corner in human perception and mindset about these things because the facts are so readily apparent they can’t be denied. It means the governments of the world making mainstream science and the people partners in understanding these phenomena and determining the way forward for our species in the face of them.

Anything less than this and we remain in a world of duplicitous deception with a very few people holding the knowledge and deciding our course. That is UNACCEPTABLE.

I’m happy we’re heading down this road, but we need to hold out for what we really want and what we really deserve on this topic. We all have a stake in the outcome and it’s time we start treating the topic with that level of seriousness. Sand? Thanks,, but no thanks.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

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