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ray_author_crop_rebrushed Ray Davis was a lifelong Kansas resident, before moving to Boston with his wonderful wife, April, in 2015. They enjoy traveling, especially to their favorite spot on Earth—Hawaii. He is a writer, thinker, and speaker committed to helping people shift paradigms in ways that better their lives and better the planet.

Ray is an author, thinker, and advocate for human freedom and greater transparency on our planet. He holds a B.S. in History and Education from the University of Kansas and has enjoyed a long successful career in the corporate sales training world.

After nearly dying at 25, Ray has spent the past 25 years studying the world’s great religious texts, comparative mythology, ufology, cosmology, and psychology. His unique take on human history is drawn from years of research and long hours pondering how the pieces fit together.

Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation is his first novel, but he’s been a prolific writer on topics of personal development and human culture for many years.

“Since I was a little boy,” Ray shares, “I’ve had an absolute passion to understand who we are, where we came from, and why we’re here. That fire was fueled by the Lunar Landing in July 1969. I wasn’t even quite five years old, but we were mapping where the astronauts were on a moon globe my father had purchased. The next year my father took me to see the theater premiere of Erich Von Daniken’s movie Chariots of the Gods. That was it. I was hooked! The mysteries explored by Von Daniken taught me the value of questioning the cookie cutter version of our existence handed to us.”

Ray’s fascination with outer space grew, as did his interest exploring theories outside the mainstream. As he moved through his school years, they mixed with his love of all things history. Science fiction fueled his imagination. Shows like Star Trek expanded his thinking and created a deep urge to know who else was out there in that big black night sky.

“It’s probably impossible to overestimate the impact Star Trek had on me. Gene Roddenberry gave us all a gift – the ability to see beyond who we are as a species to who we can be. Science fiction has become so dystopian. The futures we imagine are the futures we create. In AA, I’m seeking to put humanity back in the driver’s seat of its destiny and to show what is possible, if we set aside our petty nonsense and work together toward something more profound.”

There’s no way around it. The history of our species is far more complex and muddled than the accounts in our high school history books.

“We are a species with amnesia,” states researcher and best-selling author Graham Hancock.

Many of us, and more every day, know Hancock is right. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something about the human story as it’s been presented to us in mainstream history books, religious doctrine, and scientific theory just doesn’t feel right.

Keep your eyes on the skies!



3 Responses to About Ray

  1. andy says:

    Mr Davis :
    My name is Andy. I have just finished reading your book , the Anunnaki Awakening. I enjoyed the reading tremendously . As I looked further, I read you wrote a trilogy …. What are the next two books? I would like to buy it.
    My mail box Andy. Cracov @gmail.com

    • Ray Davis says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Andy! Book 1 is the only book released to-date. Book 2, I hope, will be out in 2018. Book 3 is mapped out, but not started. I’m in the process of creating an opt-in mailing list so I can keep readers up-to-date. I will be announcing that here on the blog!

      All my best,


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