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Are Buddhist Gandharvas Advanced Extraterrestrials?

In Buddhist mythology, there are multiple levels of realms. The lowest realms are known as hells. Following up, we reach the animal realm, the human realm, and then several heavenly realms. Together, these all make up the cycle of Samsara. … Continue reading

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Buddha: The Ultimate Human Expression

My first exposure to the historical figure we call The Buddha happened in a reel-to-reel projector movie in 5th Grade Social Studies. I don’t remember the context of the entire film, perhaps ancient Indian history. I do remember the story … Continue reading

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The 10 Duties of Kings (Government)

     The Buddha posited that governments have certain responsibilities to their people. The basic framework of Buddhist ethics for rulers is set out in the “Ten Duties of the King” (dasa-raja-dhamma). This version is taken from What the Buddha Taught, … Continue reading

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