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7 Billion Keyholes on Reality

None of us, no matter how much we have read or experienced or meditated on the nature of things, ever has a complete picture of reality. This leaves each of us with very individual experiences and thoughts. Someone once said … Continue reading

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Interview: Dennis Nappi II, Author of I Am Human & We Are Not What We Think We Are

Today’s interview is with Dennis Nappi II founder of Service of Change. Dennis is a veteran, having served in Army counterintelligence. He’s served as a police officer in Delaware, and a school teacher in the Philadelphia area. Today, he’s a … Continue reading

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20 More Truths About Love

Today’s Thought: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. There was no fine print. Love, not fear, is your is your natural state of being. All the great teachers have implored us to see this from time immemorial. And yet, … Continue reading

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Can Love Make a Difference in Our World?

Can love make a real difference in our world? It seems that forces beyond our control are constantly working to set us at each others’ throats. Humanity is being presented with a choice – Love and Light or Lock and … Continue reading

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5 Truths for Truthers

The “truther movement” burst upon the American (and global) landscape after September 11 in response to a perceived and real lack of transparency by governments around the world about the true state of affairs on our planet. Such a movement … Continue reading

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Are We Conscious Enough to Change?

Thought for Today: We unconsciously become the experience of previous generations, unless we consciously become the change. Most people in our modern world are aware that their DNA – the building blocks of our bodies – are passed on to … Continue reading

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