What the Buddha and a Ham Teach Us About Questioning the Status Quo

(Note: This article first appeared on my Affirmation Spot blog on January 15, 2008.)

Today’s Affirmation

“I question assumptions and long-held beliefs to discover new and beneficial ways to live.”

If we are to have change in the world or in our lives, we must learn to question. Questioning is difficult. The group does not like to be questioned. So much so, that in many instances the questioner is ostracized or even put to death. Jesus, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi are all examples of those who challenged the status quo and felt its wrath.

The ego is not much more forgiving. When we challenge its dominance the ego can be nearly as viscious as the group. Stress, depression, and self-destructive behavior are defense mechanisms used by the ego to maintain its control.So, questioning is scary. Nonetheless, a failure to question is an invitation to slavery, tyranny, and unhappiness. We must question so that fresh ideas can be aired and new possibilities created.

Questioning is not the same as not believing. In fact, questioning is really an empowered type of believing that takes belief to a whole new level by verifying it and testing it against reality.Today we have three very short stories. The first two illustrate the trap of failing to question. The final story offers one way to test the validity of our beliefs and assumptions and come out stronger because of it.

hamThere is a story of a woman who was preparing a ham to be baked. Before placing it in the oven, she sliced an inch off the end of the ham.

Her daughter was watching her bake a ham for the first time. She asked, “mom, why did you cut an inch off the end of the ham before you placed it in the oven?”

“I don’t know,” replied the mother, “my mother always cut an inch off a ham before she put it in the oven.”

Curious, the mother picked up the phone and called the grandmother to ask why she cut the end off a ham before baking it.

The grandmother answered that she had no idea why she cut the end off hams before baking them. “My mother always did it,” she said.

Finally, the mother and the grandmother got the great-grandmother on the phone. The grandmother asked, “Mom, why did you cut an inch off the end of the ham before placing it in the oven?”

The great-grandmother replied, “I cut the end off the ham because my oven was too small to fit a full ham.”

We learn by watching and absorbing the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of those around us. Often we don’t even stop to question them. Two generations of this family always cut off the end of the ham. They never quetioned it. They did it because they had seen their mothers do it.

Nothing changed until the great-grandaughter finally asked, “Why?

Blind Leading the Blind

buddha_teachingWe have generational blindness leaning on generational blindness.

The Buddha once spoke to a group of young Brahmins (priests) about their “belief” in Brahma (God). “Who among you has personally seen or spoke to Brahma,” asked The Buddha?

The Brahmins answered, “None of us has seen or spoken to Brahma.”

Buddha continued, “Well then, which of your teachers has seen or spoken to Brahma?” Again, the youths answered that none of their teachers had actually seen or spoken to Brahma.

Finally, Buddha asked, “Who in your lineage going back seven generations has seen or spoken to Brahma?” The young Brahmins admitted that no one even going back seven generations had actually seen or spoken to Brahma.

“Then,” said Buddha, “If not you, nor your teachers, nor their teachers going back seven generations has seen or spoken to Brahma, you are but the blind leading the blind.

Buddha was not attacking their beliefs. He was trying to get them to examine their beliefs and ideas and to become a fully awake and responsible human beings.

Challenge Beliefs and Put Them to the Test

buddha_teaching_4During a visit to the town of the Kalamas, the Buddha was asked a crucial question.

“Reverend Gautama, many teachers enter our midst teaching that their way and their way alone is the path to salvation. They extol the virtues of their own doctrines while tearing down the doctrines of other teachers. This creates doubt in our minds about all their teachings. For how are we to know which speaks the truth and which speaks falsehood?”

Buddha replied, “Kalamas, you have doubt in circumstances where doubt is understandable. Where doubt thrives uncertainty is born.” The Buddha proposed a test against which to measure any teaching including his own.

  • Do not believe something because it has been passed down and believed for many generations.
  • Do not believe something merely because it is a traditional practice.
  • Do not believe something because everyone believes it.
  • Do not believe something because it is written in a book and has been recited over and over.
  • Do not believe something solely on the grounds of logical reasoning.
  • Do not believe something because it fits your preconceived notions.
  • Do not believe something because you trust who is saying it.
  • Do not believe something only because your teacher says it is so.

“Kalamas, when you yourselves know directly something is unskillful, unwholesome, blameworthy, rejected by the wise, harmful to yourselves or others, leads to poverty or unhappiness, you should give it up.”

“One the other hand, Kalamas, when you know directly that something is skilled, wholesome, blameless, praised by the wise, and leads to well-being, prosperity, and happiness, you should accept it and practice it.”

We all need to examine the beliefs that are driving our actions in this world. When we look at the state of the world we must conclude that there is more each of us can do to make a difference. It all begins with questioning age-old beliefs. Even beliefs based in truth can become clouded by generations of unexamined hatreds, fears, and prejudices.

Every change, personal or global, begins with the courage to question.

Keep seeking, keep searching, my friends.


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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Fox Mulder – No Government Agency Has Jurisdiction Quote

From Season 1, Episode 9 – Fallen Angel

After being called to account for interfering in the miltaty cover up of a downed UFO, Fox Mulder made the following statement to his superiors.

Then what can I say? How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal? You can deny all the things I’ve seen. All the things I’ve discovered. But not for much longer. Because too many others know what’s happening out there. And no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.

If you love the X-Files, you may enjoy my first novel, Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation

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Why Mainstream Egyptology Starts from the Wrong Place

giza-pyramidsWho built the Great Pyramids in Egypt and how. Mainstream Egyptology and archaeology have put forth uncompelling arguments and theories. Then, as further evidence of their own uncertainty about their ideas, they have tried to shut down and shut up researchers like Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, and Graham Hancock.

The mainstream proposes that these pyramids were constructed by the ancient civilization we call the Egyptians. Their evidence is largely based on construction records for the much smaller and less complex pyramids that seem to be poor attempts to copy these larger structures.

They further hypothesize that stone age tools and manual labor were employed to construct the three large Pyramids at Giza. In the face of many modern engineers and construction companies stating this would be a Herculean task with modern techniques and cranes, this seems utterly implausible.

Why do they stick to these theories? There’s a very simple reason. They controlled by a number of dogmatic scientific theories that limit the possibilities.

  1. We KNOW Faster-than-Light travel is not possible. So, aliens must be out of the question. This despite ample evidence from many ancient texts pointing to “gods” as humanity’s helper.
  2. Ancient advanced civilizations that may have had technology or technique equal or beyond our 21st century capabilities because we KNOW human advanced civilization has been a one-time slow progression marked by biological evolution.
  3. Even if we accept the mainstream’s view of history, we KNOW that the ancients could not have had technology more advanced than we suspect.

This leaves them in a box. No help from the outside, no advanced technology, no possibility that these were built by a previous unknown advanced civilizations. Therefore, the Egyptians had to have done it in the accepted timeframe with the stone age tools and tons of human labor.

This is what happens to you when you refuse to accept a broader range of possibilities and lock in on “scientific dogmas.” We can all hope that a new generation of archaeologists will open their minds, broaden their perspective, and take all the evidence, in the dirt and beyond, into account.

Keep seeking, keep searching, my friends.


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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Humanity Awakens One Person at a Time Starting with You

The word awakening is thrown around a lot these days. People are always imploring others to “wake up” to this idea or that.

What is awakening, really? Awakening is more than recognizing the world is not ordered in a way to benefit ordinary human beings, though that’s a start. It’s more than realizing there’s a cabal of people driving much of the chaos and angst on our planet, though that’s true. It’s more than being angry about these things and ranting and raging about them because the end result of that, at best, is to replace one angry system with another.

If you understand all these things, you’ve got one eye uncovered. 

Maybe you’ve picked up on the alien involvement in our civilization from the get-go and how these gods small g substituted themselves in place of the true intelligence behind this multiverse. Maybe you’ve identified how they enslaved humanity’s mind, made us feel unworthy and sinful for being who we are, and threatened us with judgement and damnation. Maybe you’ve noticed how these mindsets figure into to the bloody headlines in our world today and millions of people feeling hopeless and not reaching their potential. Maybe you see its ultimate expression – a rampant blaming and hatred of our own species that leads only to us implementing our destruction for the puppet masters.

You’re starting to uncover the second eye.

Full awakening comes when we realize that we are more than the witnesses to the problems. We are the carriers of the solutions. We aren’t here in this time and place to hasten the destruction of the human race. We’re here to bring about a transformation that releases the literal and mental shackles, ends the divisions we’ve been handed to keep us weak, and allows us to take our rightful place among the sentient beings in this galaxy.

If you’re still stuck in let’s get mad, let’s burn this baby down, that’s a natural first reaction to becoming aware, but it’s not being awake. We are here to create, here to transform, here to tip the balance from fear to love.

When your mind and your heart arrive at that realization. When your hands and your feet work at it every day, that’s awakening. That’s you being the person you came here to be and making the difference you came here to make.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.




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Are Buddhist Gandharvas Advanced Extraterrestrials?


In Buddhist mythology, there are multiple levels of realms. The lowest realms are known as hells. Following up, we reach the animal realm, the human realm, and then several heavenly realms. Together, these all make up the cycle of Samsara. An enlightened being, a Buddha, transcends this cycle and reaches Nirvana which is beyond the entire cycle.

In Buddhism, gods, angels, humans, animals, and demons are all on a path toward an enlightened state. All are caught in this Samsara cycle and all are subject to move up or down through the realms based on their “merit.”

Among the beings that inhabit the heavenly realms are devas. Deva is usually interpreted as angel in English, though the meanings are not precisely synonymous. There are many types of devas that live in the various heavenly realms.

Devas often appeared to the Buddha in the hours between 10 pm and 2 am (after most the monks had retired) for teaching in the Dharma.

There’s a famous story of some Devas appearing to the Buddha early in his ministry. These devas were beings of light and illuminated the whole grove like daylight. They observed the Buddha meditating and immediately noticed there was something different about him.

They approached and one of them asked whether the Buddha, “Are you god?”
“No,” replied the Buddha, “I am no god.”
“Then you must be a deva from the highest realms of heaven.”
“No,” replied the Buddha, “I am no deva.”
“Surely,” said a third deva, “a being such as yourself cannot be a lowly human.”
“No,” replied the Buddha. “I am not human.”
The devas were perplexed, “If you’re not a god, not a deva, and not a human, what are you?
“I am awake,” replied the Buddha.

The lowest form of deva is known as a Gandharva. In Buddhist cosmology, these beings inhabit the lowest heaven known as The Heaven of the Four Great Kings.

These beings live extremely long lives. The texts generally describe their years as coinciding with 50-100 human years. Their lifespans are placed at from 90,000 human years to as much as 80 million earth years. Here are some of the characteristics the Buddha attributed to them in the texts.

  • The Buddha first observed devas (including Gandharvas) prior to his enlightenment as undefined lights or orbs. After attaining enlightenment, the images clarified into beings in the various heavenly realms.
  • Only visible to enlightened beings unless they choose to take form. They can materialize and dematerilize visibly.
  • They were described as a race of demigods.
  • Ghandharvas have a humanoid form.
  • They can consume food, but don’t need it.
  • They were known as amazing musicians.
  • They interact with humans more than other kinds of devas. Devas in the higher heavens live lavish, beautiful lives and they aren’t much interested in humans.
  • Gandharvas cruise around in aerial craft and enjoy going very fast. Buddha described their craft as “vehicles fit for gods.”
  • Some travel in “floating cities” or “celestial palaces.” They were described as being miles long.

Could these massive floating palaces be related to the massive UFOs people witness today?

Never stop seeking!


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.




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Things You Didn’t Know about the Anunnaki #1

Several texts say Ninlil (“wife of Enlil”) was of divine origin, However, according to the Sumerian text titled Enlil and Sud, Enlil’s wife was a human woman named Sud. Enlil was taken by her beauty (sounds like Genesis 6) and pursued her. 

To her credit, she played hard to get and didn’t just rollover for the “god.” Eventually, Enlil persuaded Sud and her family of his intentions and they were married. Soon after, Ninlil gave birth to their first child, Nanna, the Moon god.

She was known as the “Lady of the wind” particularly the south wind. Some scholars have associated her with the Lilith tales in Hebrew mythology.

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Trying to solve the latest Starchild Skull enigma – Where does it belong?


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The God Gap: Our Earth-focused Gods

anunnaki9Genesis 1:26-27. Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
One of the best cases for alien intervention and extraterrestrials masquerading as our gods is what I like to call the “God gap.” The God gap is the gap between God’s/gods’ motives and actions portrayed in our ancient texts versus the actions and motives we’d expect of a being who created the vast universe around us. That gap is quite large, but is somehow ignored by people.

Let me start out by saying it’s not my intention to impugn anyone’s beliefs. I simply think humanity needs to ask hard questions of religion and science. When their conclusions don’t jive, we need to separate the wheat from the chaff or we need to find better theories that make sense with all the information we have.

If you ask most western monotheists, they will tell you that the God they worship is the creator God of the vast universe our modern equipment has discovered around us. However, if we actually look at the being portrayed in the texts of western monotheism, we largely see a being who is Earth-focused, chooses sides among humanity, involves himself in our wars and political machinations. This begs many questions.

Is this the behavior we would expect of the being behind this vast universe? Wouldn’t such a being, assuming it wished to interfere in its creation, have more to focus on than Earth and the salvation of humanity? The God portrayed in western monotheism seems to have a particular interest in human affairs and desire to mold the ultimate human outcome. This Earth, human focus doesn’t jive with the universe we see around us. Several possibilities present themselves.

First, we’ve somehow been deceived that there is a vast universe out there and Earth and the human beings living here really do equal God’s entire creation. That would explain Yahweh’s, Allah’s, God’s singular focus on Earth and us. Could we be wrong about our perception of the universe? It’s possible. We do come here as blank slates with senses tuned in to certain things and, no doubt, denied perception of others. Ultimately, our brains are receivers of certain frequencies that make us susceptible to seeing the chaos around us in a certain way. On the whole, though, I don’t buy the idea that the universe is something less than our science has proposed. I actually think it’s far more than we’ve yet discovered.

Another possibility is that there is a being behind this vast universe and that humanity’s perception that he’s singularly interested and focused on us is a human perception. Many modern thinkers believe ancient humans created God to explain the unknown. That could be true. It could also be true that there is a vast intelligence behind everything we and we have anthropomorphized that intelligence to appear human and to bend to human perceptions. If this is so, we have narrowed this intelligence to fit our narrow perceptions and have, by definition, distorted his specific interest in humanity.

Maybe Ancient Alien/Astronaut Theory provides the best explanation for the God gap. Maybe the God/gods we’ve been taught to worship and revere aren’t a cosmic divine intelligence at all.

Maybe our concepts of God were hijacked by technologically advanced, but very flawed and egoic beings. Perhaps, in some sense, they created us by “mixing their essence” with ours. Maybe this makes them feel a sense of ownership related to us, gives them a desire to choose sides among us, and determine our outcome.

This seems to fit with the motives we see in western monotheistic texts more closely than the other two options. The Anunnaki and perhaps other extraterrestrial races have made a kind of experiment of Earth and humanity. They have their own agendas and objectives that involve requiring our worship, holding us back and limiting us, and using fearful future narratives to mold us.

The alternative, if we put the western monotheistic view together with what modern science tells us, is to believe that the Cosmic God created this vast universe and placed this little planet Earth on the outer edge of one among billions of galaxies. He then decided to make what happens here his sole focus, sending prophets and saviors to turn the tide of human history. I suppose among infinite possibilities there’s one where that would be the case, but it doesn’t seem likely at all.

It also doesn’t seem likely that we have completely misinterpreted the size and scope of the cosmos. Therefore, AA theory should be considered by serious thinkers. It explains the God gap. These beings were not and are not the Cosmic God. Their focus on Earth and humanity comes because of their specific intervention on this planet and with our species. We can again see the God of the Universe as bigger and more magnanimous than the being/beings portrayed in our texts.

Most importantly, because they are not the being who created it all and are in fact just beings like us, we are within our rights to question them and refuse to submit to their rule when it works against our interests.

Keep seeking your truth!


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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It’s Time for Humanity to Takes Its Own Side

C03297DC-F6B3-4936-9CCB-D07202BE3272I don’t believe any fate in any book is unchangeable for humanity. We are making the choices individually and collectively that will decide us. The real God of the universe has not planned dystopia for humanity, but the gods small g that have dominated our consciousness for millennia very well may have that planned.

By nature, humans tend toward being good and compassionate. However, that natural tendency is quite easily.overcome by repetitious conditioning. With what have humans been conditioned? Well, if we go back to ancient times we’ve been conditioned that we’re lowly, unworthy sinners in need of redemption, awakening, and enlightenment. Our God didn’t believe we were worthy of knowledge, tried to destroy us regretting he’d made us, and when we collaborated to build a tower to the heavens we were divided and our language confused. Later we were slammed with the concept of original sin – code for if you’re born human you’re born bad.

Then along came the age of reason. Surely, our own reasoning would place us in a more positive light? Nope. Modern science tells us we are tiny meaningless accidents existing in the midst of a colossal meaningless accident. We are the nefarious villains in the mythos of climate change where humans play the demons to the earth’s shining divinity.

Finally, our mainstream media and entertainment works 24/7 to convince us other humans are bad, scary, and dangerous and we buy it even though it counters the reality of our day-to-day lives.

Garbage in, garbage out. With millennia of these kinds of messages, it’s a wonder we’re sane as we are and haven’t destroyed ourselves.

If we start feeding our minds and consciousness with better messages, we can rise up and fulfill our true potential as a species We are capable of so much more, but we have to shed the conspiracy of perpetual negativity to manifest it.

AFAAE0BD-58E7-4976-8631-44FCCE68D63EEither way, our only chance to solve the puzzle of our past and ignite a new future for humanity is to take pro-human position. For too long, we’ve been apologists for the very forces oppressing our species. They’re powerful, advanced, and egoistic so challenging them is dangerous. It’s very likely our inbred fear of them comes from a time when they openly used that power to oppress us and destroy humans who challenged them.

You are a human being. I am a human being. We are human beings. Why would we continue to play along in a game that doesn’t benefit us, take our interests to heart, or end well for us, if we’re to believe all the dystopian prophecy that started in ancient books and now flows to us every day through popular media?

It’s time to take our own side side. It’s time to climb up off our knees and spit the sand out of our mouths from laying face down to these beings for millennia and take our destiny in our own hands. We are capable, despite what you’ve been told. It will take time, even with the best of intentions, to rid our system of the toxic, disempowering messages that have been so ingrained within us.

We’ve been in this abusive relationship too long. We don’t have to make excuses any more for those who have done this to us and then blamed us, like an abusive parent.

8D93439D-6B09-44B2-A77F-9F6D13DE03DCOne line of push back I’ve received to this argument is that, in blaming the gods small g for what they’ve done, I’m shifting responsibility off of humanity for our actions.

I want to be clear. No one is a stronger advocate for the idea that the hero you’re waiting for is waiting for you in the mirror than me. In fact, this is going to mean us taking personal and collective ownership like never before. We’re not taking ownership for the abuse that wasn’t our fault, but for the path to transcend it. No one is going to do this for us. There no cavalry coming. Like new born zebra on the Serengeti, we’re going to have to learn to stand up on our own legs in a dangerous neighborhood and claim our life.

I happen to believe that we, like all sentient life in this multiverse, have within us a divine spark that holds the key to our potential. Knowledge of that fact has been among the most hidden pieces of information.

How can we know what information is good and what information is not in this world where information is fed to us by firehose and everyone is pitching an angle. I think Buddha, of all people, had a sound answer to this conundrum. It’s advice we would do well as humanity breaks orbit from the gravity of this age-old deception and charts a course for its own destiny.

Many will be fearful of this process. They hold a deep-seated fear of punishment from the gods small g that became the God big G. They will hold onto to beliefs that don’t support the well-being of themselves or those around them. It’s OK. Everyone will understand in due time.

However, those of us who have awakened to the fact that this world is not being run in a way that benefits human beings on this planet, must work together to chart a constructive, collaborative new course that is based on our mutual self-interest.  We are after all, human beings, and we have have every right to take own side, support our own interests, and make our move to take our place among the space-faring civilizations in this galaxy.

Never stop seeking your truth!


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Signed copies of Book 1, Revelation, are now available within the U.S. from his website, AATrilogy.com or outside the US from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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Richard Dolan: Why UFOs Matter


March 12, 2017

Historian and researcher Richard Dolan, who is author of UFOs & The National Security State – Chronology Of A Cover Up, speaks about what got him into studying UFOs, why the are crucial to understand and the historical implications of this issue.


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