Stephen Hawking Passes at 76

Today’s Thought

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
~Stephen Hawking

hawking_brief_historyI first became aware of Stephen Hawking in a bookstore back in 1988. While searching for the latest Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, I came across an interesting looking book titled A Brief History of Time. I was reading everything I could get my hands on about popular physics at the time and Hawking’s book was among the best I’d read. He was among the first to try to describe what being inside a black hole would be like and, of course, he believed he’d found a mathematical equation for the beginning of the universe that required no care-taker God.

A couple years later he appeared on my favorite TV show – Star Trek: The Next Generation – in a holodeck scene with Data, an actor playing Albert Einstein and an actor playing Isaac Newton. The scene was a humorous one with Data playing poker with his idols. Hawking made the scene by dissing on Einstein, something he did in the real world quite a bit as well.

His intellect was known the world over, as was his famous electronic voice made necessary by his Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). It certainly is a triumph of the human spirit to achieve all he achieved while battling such a devastating disease.

In recent years, he used his platform to warn about the perils of our modern society, including climate change, artificial intelligence, and the dangers posed to humanity by contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. While I may not have always agreed with his conclusions, the fact that he was saying it always required one to stop and think.

The world has lost a one-of-a-kind. I hope he finds peace back in the place that precedes his quantum singularity.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

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Hey, my friends, good morning. We have an amazingly beautiful aftermath from yesterday’s blizzard here in Massachusetts. I hope Spring is inching a little closer where you are.

I wanted to share this quick video on this past weekend’s UFO release and media coverage of it. Here is my 6 Sense Media partner, Dennis Nappi II, providing some outstanding analysis. He’ll be doing more of the same on this weekend’s episode of The Seiker Podcast.

We have some momentum happening here. It’s up to those of us in the UFO community or just seekers of truth to keep pushing both the disclosers and the media to kick the door down.

Have a great Wednesday!


Track on for all the latest on this story and others we’re following.

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Dammit, Jim, It’s Not Disclosure


Click image to watch the video.


We are coming up on six weeks since the now-famous New York Times UFO article. The debate as to whether this is Disclosure or not rages on in the UFO community and beyond. Like many others, I’ve been back and forth over these weeks. Today I’m coming down firmly in the camp that what we’ve seen to date is not Disclosure.

I want it to be Disclosure. I’d be happy if it was Disclosure. It’s just not. I heard respected UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, call it confirmation in an interview on Portal to Ascension. He said these revelations are meant to grease the skids for bigger revelations. They’re designed to make the topic more acceptable to discuss in polite company. Those are all positive steps, but they’re not Disclosure.

In an interview with Linda Moulton Howe, Stephen Basset of Paradigm Research described what’s happening as the intelligence agencies, realizing that this is about to break, working to position themselves as the good guy in the cover up. He points out that Tom DeLonge and many of those around him have taken an apologist tone for why government agencies have had to hide this from the public for so many years. He suggests we’re witnessing a kind of PR campaign to immunize them from blame.

So why the video from the 1995 film The American President? There’s a wonderful scene between Michael J. Fox and Michael Douglas in which Fox’s character talks about how people are so thirsty for leadership they’ll drink sand. Douglas retorts that they don’t drink sand because they’re desperate. They drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.

Many of us who are passionate and knowledgeable about the UFO/extraterrestrial topic have lived in a kind of proverbial desert much our lives. We’ve dealt with family and friends chiding us for our ideas and we’ve dealt with government and mainstream culture that ridicules, dismisses, and lies about the topic. Many have even taken a kind of stoic view, myself included, that we don’t need Disclosure. We know what we know and who cares if the government acknowledges or not. That’s a form of drinking sand because we’ve gone without water for so long.

When this New York Times article was published and newly minted former intelligence officials came out, shared this video, and did interviews, it was natural to feel we’d finally reached a legitimate oasis. There’s no doubt this was a massive step forward and a very good thing. But, it was not Disclosure.

I’ll admit it. I’ve waffled. I tried to make this Disclosure. I’ve played the “who needs Disclosure” game. The fact is we ALL need true Disclosure and dammit we deserve it.

Let’s define Disclosure. Disclosure is not a cool video and some testimony from a few people that momentarily captures public attention. Disclosure is the end of SITTING government officials being deceptive on this topic. Disclosure is the government acknowledging they’ve been studying this phenomenon, spending massive amounts of our tax dollars on it, and keeping information secret for decades.

Disclosure means turning a corner in human perception and mindset about these things because the facts are so readily apparent they can’t be denied. It means the governments of the world making mainstream science and the people partners in understanding these phenomena and determining the way forward for our species in the face of them.

Anything less than this and we remain in a world of duplicitous deception with a very few people holding the knowledge and deciding our course. That is UNACCEPTABLE.

I’m happy we’re heading down this road, but we need to hold out for what we really want and what we really deserve on this topic. We all have a stake in the outcome and it’s time we start treating the topic with that level of seriousness. Sand? Thanks,, but no thanks.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

Order your copy of my book Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation on Amazon. You’ll never see ancient aliens the same way.

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Book 2 Excerpt: Anunnaki Awakening: Revolution

ethereal_formIn Anunnaki Awakening: Revolution (Book 2), there are a number of new characters and new races involved in Maria’s and Inanna’s quest to free humanity. One of the new characters is an Arcturian named Ullrion (she was named in a contest by a reader Timothy Holm).

The Arcturians are a fifth dimensional race on the verge of crossing into the 6th. Their primary focus is attaining unity with THE ONE and they generally do not materialize in physical form. However, they are pulled into physical form by a comatose passenger aboard Inanna’s ship. We learn they have a deep past with humanity and once served as guardian angels for our species.

Early in the book, Ullrion meets Jack Love and shares more about her species.

“We prefer a matterless state. It removes barriers to THE ONE. Matter is a vehicle for consciousness NOT the other way around. We are energetic, deathless consciousness”

“Deathless? Jack queried. “Everything dies.”

“All forms die. Energy does not die. Energy is reconfigured by consciousness into new forms. If all is energy, then death is fiction. It’s an arbitrary delineation where consciousness changes form. We ARE consciousness.”

Never stop seeking YOUR truth!


Order your copy of my book Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation on Amazon. You’ll never see ancient aliens the same way.

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Disclosure and the Appeal to Authority Logical Fallacy

elizondoWhat a wild ride recent days have been! December 16, 2017 is a day many of us will remember forever and with good reason. Along with the jubilation, must come some caution.

No!  I’m not trying to play the role of kill-joy or make myself the story by being contrarian. I’m being what I always try to be on these topics; unbiased, truth-seeking, and wanting the best outcome for everyone.

So, what I’m about to say may frustrate some. We’ve been played, we’re being played, and we’ve done it to ourselves.

We’ve all bought into the myth that this thing we call Disclosure involves some authority figure from the government sitting on a mainstream media outlet and articulating certain words. To some extent, we got what we sought in recent days and it was an emotional release. I’m sure we were all ready to do battle with that certain relative at the holiday gathering who has given us crap mercilessly for years over our belief that extraterrestrials have visited Earth and UFOs are real.

“Did you see? Did you see? The New York Times, Fox News, and CNN covered it. A recently retired top Pentagon official confirmed it. A navy pilot with unquestioned credibility has said it. They witnessed something not of this world.” Boy, did that feel good! No, it felt really good!

Why do we need that? I get that it’s a good thing for that certain relative and the vast majority of Americans and humans that still believe the LOGICAL FALLACY that if, and only if, it comes from authority; it’s a fact.

Why do we in the UFO community need it? We know what we’ve experienced, what we’ve seen, what we’ve researched. Why do we need some official to go on CNN to confirm it for us?  It struck me today that this whole Disclosure game we’ve been playing for years is about a LOGICAL FALLACY. We wanted, we needed, to hear it from that official too. We wanted some official confirmation that we weren’t crazy or wrong.

We’ve had a long-running assumption that the government knows more about this than we do. As individuals, that’s probably true. But as a whole? All they know are the collective experiences we’ve all had. Yes, they’ve documented them over time. Yes, they’ve spent probably trillions ($22 million LOL) over the past seven decades trying to figure out what these things are.

We all have more power and more capability than we even know. It’s going to be very important going forward that we don’t put our reliance on what the establishment does or doesn’t do or say on this topic. We need to OWN our sightings, OWN our experiences, OWN our ability to define truth and share it with more people without a stamp of approval. Let the Pentagon and CNN do their thing. We’ll partner where we can, but we need not wait.


It’s time for our species to take the next step and become part of the galactic community around us. For us to be useful contributors to that community, we do not only need to change some things about our planet. We also need to change some things about ourselves. Technology is one measure of advancement and we have made amazing strides, but it’s wisdom, compassion, and empowered mindsets are the currency of an advanced race. We don’t need orders from headquarters. We only need courage, conviction, and our Sixth Sense to move forward. Let the Pentagon and CNN do their thing

I follow my bliss. I experience my bliss. I become my bliss.


ray_author_headshot_full_size_editedRay Davis is a social commentator, author of Anunnaki Awakening, and the co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He founded The Affirmation Spot in 2007 and shares information, motivation, and ideas with hundreds of thousands on social media each week.


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Disclosure Saturday – What Now?

UFOscreenshotYesterday was an amazing day in many ways. I was stuck out in the shopping throngs when the news broke and was not able to start dissecting the release until hours later. I do have to credit Tom DeLonge and To The Stars. He promised something big and I think they can check that box.

To see the New York Times, followed by most other major mainstream news outlets, running with this sliver of Disclosure is awesome! For much of my adult life, I’ve wanted to feel that vindication when something broke that cannot be easily dismissed. It felt good! Hopefully, this has opened some eyes in the media, the uninformed masses, and the scientific community on the reality and the importance of this topic. That’s immensely positive and to applauded.

That said, as with any other topic, emotional responses are not the ones that lead to wisdom and discernment. It’s not jealousy or sour grapes to question the quality of the information, the “Why Now” aspect, and what next?

OK, we had this amazing moment. Now what? Does that mean Matt Drudge and Wolf Blitzer are suddenly going to be running stories about the 70 years of UFO cover up? Does that mean that Neil De Grasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins are going cease being skeptics on the topic and put their reputations on the line to support deeper research? Does this mean US intelligence agencies have bought off on taking this public or that this small group has declared themselves in open rebellion against the secrecy? Can we expect that the most highly manipulated and secretive topic in the intelligence world is suddenly going to be shot straight because a video and some little side program are acknowledged?

Here are my notes from the release. The video is jaw-dropping, no doubt.
Watch it, if you haven’t seen it.

However, it’s still obviously edited. As always, the program that was reported is claimed to have been ended. They spent $22 million over five years, the cost of one fighter jet, and determined there were other priorities. Nothing about what was discovered in the five years of the program was revealed, save the video.

Finally, the Harry Reid story is interesting. Even as majority leader of the senate, you don’t decide what’s black budget. Black budget, by definition, is money spent without congressional oversight. I appreciate Senator Reid’s interest in the topic and using his position to the extent he could to push the research. That said, this project is peanuts compared to what intelligence agencies must be spending, and still spending, on this issue. The media tied this up in a nice bow. There’s disclosure. Three former senators funded some research and it’s now over so go back about your business.

I’m not going to criticize DeLonge or his team. They may have more to deliver and that will be WELCOMED! That said, we have a media with a track record of misleading us reporting on activities of agencies with a track record of misleading us. The wise approach is to deal with that dynamic with discernment.

We haven’t seen the backlash against this and there will be one. We haven’t seen how this information will be used. Is it to be used to militarize us in preparation to fight the evil aliens? There have been aspects of that message coming from DeLonge and his team. Let’s not kid ourselves. Many of the people involved have spent their lives with a mindset of identifying and disabling enemies. Is that to be the approach we follow because they gave us the candy we wanted?

Let’s do our happy dance. Then it’s the time to double down on demanding transparency and truth and using our collective wisdom, not the Pentagon’s, to decide how to deal with a reality that got a lot harder to deny yesterday.

Keep on seeking YOUR truth!


ray_author_headshot_full_size_editedRay Davis is a social commentator, author of Anunnaki Awakening, and the co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He founded The Affirmation Spot in 2007 and shares information, motivation, and ideas with hundreds of thousands on social media each week. 

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How Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are Privatizing Free Speech

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Ray Davis, for 6 Sense Media

Freedom of speech is that pressure valve that allows a free society to remain free and peaceful. It’s destruction makes chaos inevitable.
More and more we are seeing the large social media platforms censoring, demonetizing, and using algorithms to obscure, weed out, and silence the free exercise of speech on their platforms. This is particularly true when content creators and commentators are questioning establishment narratives on critical issues; the Las Vegas shooting being one example.

While we can all acknowledge that there are people who play fast and loose with the facts or sensationalize information, the blocking of all alternative discussion on important issues also incriminates those honest truth seekers not content to accept the “official” stories on events that are then used to fundamentally change our society, our policies, or our mindsets.

Frankly, legacy media and government institutions have time and again in recent decades demonstrated they are not always honest brokers of the truth or the public interest. Wars are sold, freedoms abridged, and our culture irreparably damaged by changes made using events that later prove to be utterly untrue or questionable. The emotion of the moment is capitalized upon to institute directions people would never agree to otherwise. In this environment and with the advent of new technologies, citizen journalists have taken it upon themselves to challenge legacy institutions and demand that money and power answer to the people the way this country is supposed to operate. The press was given its freedom to use to protect the people from power not to protect power from the people, as Justice Black beautifully articulates below. That has been turned upside down.

In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people.

Justice Hugo Black (New York Times Company vs. The United States, 1971)

Social media companies and others have defended their crackdown on alternative voices under the guise protecting us from “fake news” or the influence of nefarious players. “Besides,”they argue, “We’re privately-owned entities and not subject to the free speech protections guaranteed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”


The Constitution does specifically call out that “Congress shall make no law” denying free speech. State constitutions, because they must align with the federal constitution, have similar prohibitions. However, the claim is made that private entities, such as companies, aren’t covered under these clauses and can limit speech they don’t like within the confines of their privately-owned business. The constitutionality of that claim is for another time.

However, this same premise is being used by social media companies to parse and limit free speech. Their assertion is being parroted in the legacy media, eager to crush their alternative competitors, who have watched as their viewerships erode. The question becomes in an era where everything is privatized, where can a free citizen exercise his free speech?

Here’s why social media is WRONG in claiming they are just another private business and why legislatures and courts need to get with the times and compel these platforms to permit free speech. The Constitution was written at a time when government was the biggest threat to freedom of speech and for a time when that freedom basically allowed you to go into the town square and state your views publicly without censorship from the government. A similar freedom was granted to the press.

In 2017, the virtual world is where people “peacefully assemble” to exercise their freedom of speech. These massive social media platforms ARE the new town square. They’ve worked vigorously to position themselves to be “the place to go” for discussion, dialogue, and debate. They profit MASSIVELY from people using their platforms to do just that.

Users on these platforms are NOT employees and subject to the rules an employer might set for his or her workplace.  In fact, users freely contribute the content that the social media companies profit MASSIVELY from. The recipe is generally build a platform, get users to contribute content for free, place ads, take piles of money to the bank, rinse, and repeat.

Now, after establishing themselves as the new “town square” and profiting MASSIVELY from their users’ content, they want to claim they have a right to sanction free speech? Ridiculous!

And why are they doing this? Because they’re being shamed into doing by politicians interested in limiting speech they don’t agree with since they lack the constitutional power to do it themselves. They’re being shamed into by a tired legacy media establishment profiting from their monopoly on information that has demonstrated no fidelity in their responsibility to the truth.

The prohibition against Congress limiting free speech was not meant to be just a prohibition on Congress. It was meant to give the people a positive right to free speech in the public domain. Nothing qualifies so obviously as the public domain as social media.

In the 18th Century, that was a literal town square. Today Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms have established themselves as that defacto town square. Limiting free speech there in that environment is the absolute equivalent to denying our 18th Century counterparts access to the town square to freely share views. This is an undeniable fact and the censorship by government through social media shaming must cease and be declared unconstitutional!

There’s no one in the literal town square any more. People congregate on social media and denying people their freedom of speech there is the equivalent of the state pulling someone off a podium back in the day. Denying someone freedom of speech on social media platforms is the equivalent of denying them freedom of speech in the public domain. It is censorship of the first order and it needs to stop!

Freedom of Speech has long been recognized in enlightened circles a pressure release against violence and revolution. President John F. Kennedy once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” What kind of speech is being very particularly limited on social media? Political speech that does not comport with mainstream views. Again, these are core foundational reasons we even have a First Amendment.

The only free speech that should be abridged on social media is free speech that would be abridged in a real town square under well-established guidelines and centuries of case law.

Beyond that, it is a complete violation of an American’s freedom of speech in the 21st century to have their content removed from search results or placed so far down it can never be found. It is a violation to demonetize content on these platforms because the speech is controversial or political (again, within long-established guidelines). It is a violation of free speech to block or cancel accounts for expressing unpopular views.

Free speech cannot be privatized to deny its exercise. That’s essentially what is happening. If these companies and their media and political backers don’t see the light and stop the censorship, I think the time has come to determine whether these social media and search engine platforms are in violation of anti-trust laws. They must either respect the First Amendment or they must not be allowed to maintain their marketshare as part of the new town square.
ray_author_headshot_full_size_editedRay Davis is a social commentator, author of Anunnaki Awakening, and the co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He founded The Affirmation Spot in 2007 and shares information, motivation, and ideas with hundreds of thousands on social media each week.

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Fake News, the Mainstream Media, and The New World of Information

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Ray Davis, for 6 Sense Media

mainstream_mediaOver the past year, the phrase fake news has been hurled like a weapon in popular culture. It began as a backlash by the mainstream media in an attempt to mitigate their diminishing credibility and audiences. They lambasted the alternative media with the label.

Reflexively, the alternative media fired back with the same charge against the mainstream media. All of this has been clouded by the ongoing war between President Trump and the media. For many, this battle pits good versus evil. In the minds of some, this has buoyed the credibility of the mainstream media as a firewall against Trumpism.

However, that recent development obscures the fact that the mainstream media has earned that lack of credibility over many years. Fake news is not really a proper monicker for the MSM. It reports real news, for most the most part. It’s sins are the following.

  1. Massive contribution to the heated right-left paradigm schism spreading through our society.
  2. Handing their megaphone to the most extreme elements on all sides creating a false reality of constant fear and chaos.
  3. Undying support for perpetual war for profit.
  4. Corporate-sponsored analysis, conclusions, and censoring.
  5. An unwillingness to truly question power beyond the context of a right-left mentality.
  6. A failure to challenge establishment talking points on a wide array of issues.
  7. A failure to investigate whole areas information invaluable to human beings understanding who we are and what we’re doing on this planet.
  8. It’s based on a top-down, center-out flow of information.

The trust has been broken because of these failures. It’s not a right-left and it’s not particularly related to the current president. It’s a fact. In a reflective moment, we all know it.

That top-down, center-out paradigm is dead. We are in the era of participatory journalism and learning. It has its own challenges and is experiencing its growing pains. Yet, it’s an inevitable evolution of the way information is shared in society. Knowledge is power and it has too long been in the hands of the TOO FEW. The mainstream media has traditionally been the filter through which that TOO FEW crafts the paradigms they want to the many to be subservient to. No more. That day is done. For better or worse, media and information is now in the hands of the many. The question is, what will we do with it?

ray_author_headshot_full_size_editedRay Davis is a social commentator, author of Anunnaki Awakening, and the co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He founded The Affirmation Spot in 2007 and shares information, motivation, and ideas with hundreds of thousands on social media each week.

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September 11 – Sixteen Years Later

Whatever anger rules anger destroys. Wherever love pervades, hope and possibility flourish.

Sixteen years ago today the world witnessed what happens when hatred and violence shape human actions. September 11, 2001 was the world’s first truly global terrorist event. The scale, the number of people from around the world gone in a moment, and the planetary TV audience brought us all closer together, if only for a moment.

In the days that followed, I wrote the following open letter. It was partly an attempt to come to terms with my own feelings and partly an attempt to sway anyone who might have been reading that we must find better ways to live together on this planet.

Here is the letter in its entirety from September 14, 2001.

This letter is dedicated to the victims, their families, the rescue workers, and everyone who is a voice or a pair of hands for a more peaceful world.

The events of this past week have shocked and saddened all well-meaning people the world over. As an American, my heart breaks for the people tragically victimized by this act. As a human being my heart hemorrhages, that we still live in a world that believes killing each other is a solution to our problems. How regrettable that we human beings still choose to address our grievances with each other in such destructive ways.

It is devastating to witness the results of such hatred, bigotry, and violence in action. No cause, no complaint against the United States can ever justify the actions taken by these fanatics. Their misguided interpretation of their beliefs and their unwillingness to see Americans as fellow human beings, worthy of life, caused them to conclude that any action against America was justified. The outpouring of human emotion and determination this week from around the world should let them know they have crossed a line drawn by all civilized societies and sane human beings.

In our effort to draw that line, we bring ourselves into danger. Not only the physical danger of responding to their actions, but the psychological and spiritual temptations to become like the terrorists to defeat them. If we allow our desire for revenge on groups of people to overcome our need for justice for the individuals responsible, we are in danger of becoming undifferentiated from them. If we succumb to the fear resulting from the terrorist’s actions and curtail the basic liberties we hold dear in our society, then the very thing that sets us apart and is worth defending becomes a victim of these acts. Ben Franklin, the wisest of our founding fathers, said, “Those who give up their liberty for a little temporary security, shall have neither liberty nor security.” Our leaders and our citizens would do well to recall these words as we address what measures should be taken to balance our freedoms with our security.

This week has been a time for grief over the deaths of many of our fellow-citizens as well as a significant number of foreign nationals representing more than 40 countries. By this measure, this was indeed an attack on the entire civilized world. As grief turns to anger and then to action, it is important for us to measure our actions and do what is right not just what would make us feel better. In the aftermath of these events, we might feel justified in doing almost anything. We may believe that retaliating against innocent people or attacking our fellow citizens who might look or share the same religion, in name, as the terrorists is acceptable. Such actions would only make us guilty of sinking to the same level as these criminals. As Americans it is our responsibility in the world to set a different example and show the world different and better ways to solve problems. Simply responding in kind will surely bring a cycle of violence, whose results we cannot predict, and leave us with the same long-term problems experienced elsewhere in this world when violence becomes the only means of communication.

There is plenty of suffering to go around. The victims and their families are suffering, our country is suffering, and the world is suffering as we relive these events on videotape over and over again. In this time of righteous anger, it is also important to contemplate the amount of self-inflicted suffering that must be necessary for any person to carry out this kind of terror. It is a time to reflect on the ways in which we all bring suffering into our lives and the lives of others. It can be a time when, in addition to justice, we seek new ways of relating to each other and working for a world where no one feels either the right or the impulse to inflict such things on others. Suffering was brought by these attacks. Killing more people in response will only increase suffering not bring solutions.

So from tragedy comes opportunity. We have seen this week the heroism of those working directly to help the victims, so there is opportunity to demonstrate our humanity one to another. There is opportunity to reflect on a world that we all create everyday with each thought, word, and action. There is opportunity for all sane and civilized peoples to work together to end the scourge of terrorist violence wherever it occurs. It is justice we must seek, though, not revenge.

Finally, we have the opportunity to start seeing the other people we share this planet with, even those different from ourselves, as human beings just like us. The temptation to divide the world into “us” and “them” is the thinking that created justification in the minds of these terrorists for their acts. To the extent we have all perpetuated this concept of the world, we have all created a fertile field for the conflicts we continue to endure here on planet earth. No religion teaches nor accepts acts like we saw this week. Every religion, however, does teach us to love our fellow human beings. To the extent we fail in the latter, we can all expect more of the former.

Let’s not permit this horrendous tragedy to occur and these deaths to be meaningless. Let us commit, even as we seek justice for these crimes, to create a world where such acts are unthinkable ways of making a statement, even for the most radical among us. An event like this should fill us with hard questions, not easy answers. Let us rally around our flag to seek justice, not as means of supporting a response yet more fierce and destructive in nature. Blood for blood has never brought people anything but more blood. May these events lead us to a greater self-awareness and a more reflective, just world. In that way, we can honor the memory of those lost in New York and Washington D.C, and Pennsylvania.

Some may believe this to be an unattainable goal. One thing is for sure, as long as we believe it to be impossible it will be. Despite our best efforts, crazy people may persist, but as a civilization and as individuals we owe it to ourselves and our children to seek that kind of world. May those who have suffered loss, find solace in their faith and the people around them. May those who are responsible be brought to a civilized justice. May we all find peace in our hearts and greater peace in our world!

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Harvey, Irma and Back to Weather Modification

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Ray Davis for 6 Sense Media

hurricane_irma_enhanced_satelliteHere we go again. Our friends in Texas just got decimated by Hurricane Harvey and now Irma is a barreling toward Florida. First and foremost, everyone please stay safe!

These are the first two major storms to truly threaten the United States mainland since that crazy year of 2005. The legacy media and social media are abuzz with  explanations.

The advocates for climate change are out telling everyone this is more proof that the climatic changes happening on Earth are causing more of these superstorms. That’s certainly possible. Warmer seas are huge contributor (though there are other factors), but what happened for the past 12 years? The early 2000s were brutal and then we hit this long, and grateful, dry spell. With two historic storms so early this year, there’s a chance it could turn into one of those years.

Back in 2004 and 2005, Anunnaki Awakening was not even on the horizon yet. I was working on novel tentatively titled Weather Wars. The storyline discussed a super secret international group engineering major hurricanes as a weapon against the United States. America’s best remote viewer was working on the case to uncover what was happening. In a chapter I wrote less than two weeks before Katrina, I described in vivid detail the events that eventually unfolded there. I shelved the book, concerned that it might look like I was trying to capitalize. I may return to it at some point.

In the year leading up to Katrina, I’d done a ton of research on weather modification and manipulation. Many don’t know that the United States used crude versions of weather modifications to intensify monsoon rains over enemy territory in Vietnam. Using weather as a weapon is not a new or far out idea.

In the 1990s, people began to talk about the unusual and strategic trails being left by planes across the skies in the U.S. and around the world. What a major conspiracy theory that was. Today it’s become so commonplace that people barely even notice it any more. A few real status quo junkies still claim they’re just regular plane contrails. This denies the plane activity and the readily apparent differences between “chemtrails” and contrails. Some might argue about the contents of those trails and their purpose – everything from blocking sunlight to stop global warming to spreading disease have been proposed. Few can argue with a straight face it isn’t happening.

chemtrails_1_2004Interestingly, the activity over our house 40 miles from Kansas City became so intense that I began videotaping and taking photographs. I posted them on a website. Shortly after that the trails stopped for almost two years. The photo at the left was one of dozens of photos and videos I took over our house in Kansas between 2002-2005.

By early 2000s things had advanced.

An Oregon meteorologist famously spilled some beans on air about what was showing up on the radar, based on his time in the Marine Corps.

In 2003, Russia bragged that it was seeding clouds to prevent rain on a big event and bragged it was the world’s greatest weather modification power.

Some say with tools like HAARP, the technology had advanced to the point where it was possible to steer and intensify storms – including hurricanes. Several storms in 2005 exhibited out-of-ordinary instant intensification, including Katrina, or extremely eccentric paths like several other storms in that time frame.

Some are questioning Harvey’s odd path and the absolute certainty expressed early in that process that storm was going to just sit over Texas for days. Some are questioning these back-to-back storms and the distraction they are likely to create in some areas for weeks, months, and years.

Some independent reporters have reported that there were massive microwave transmissions were used to guide Harvey.

Without more facts, this is speculation. More information is needed. However, you should know and be aware that WM is not science fiction. Weather modification is here. It’s here to stay. It’s the perfect covert weapon, especially when people are unaware. There’s far more information on this topic. I’d encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusion.
Keep seeking, keep searching, my friends.


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay Davis the co-founder of 6 Sense Media and founder of The Affirmation Spot.

He is an author, thinker, and advocate for human potential. He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series. Order your copy today on Amazon. You’ll never see ancient aliens the same way again.

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