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Book 2 Excerpt: Anunnaki Awakening: Revolution

In Anunnaki Awakening: Revolution (Book 2), there are a number of new characters and new races involved in Maria’s and Inanna’s quest to free humanity. One of the new characters is an Arcturian named Ullrion (she was named in a … Continue reading

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Anthony Chang Becomes First Asian American U.S. President in Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation

Today’s Anunnaki Awakening character in focus is President Anthony Chang. On page 328 of Book 1, Anthony Chang becomes the 47th President of the United States. At 38 years old, he is the youngest president in U.S. history. He is … Continue reading

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Anunnaki Awakening Excerpt: Introduction of Maria Love and ANN

Anunnaki Awakening Excerpt: We are introduced to Maria Love and her network ANN. (May 3, 2024 Washington D.C. 1:42 P.M.) “Mr. President, Mr. President,” Maria Love arose and raised her hand in unison with the throng of other reporters near … Continue reading

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