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Humanity Awakens One Person at a Time Starting with You

The word awakening is thrown around a lot these days. People are always imploring others to “wake up” to this idea or that. What is awakening, really? Awakening is more than recognizing the world is not ordered in a way … Continue reading

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A New Day Dawns for Humanity

The empowerment of our species doesn’t begin in Washington D.C., Beijing, Moscow, or London. It begins in our hearts and in our minds. It begins by seeing each other for the miracles we are and denying the Powers That Be … Continue reading

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Countering Our Negative Mindsets: Globally and Personally

Today’s Affirmation: I believe in humanity. I believe in our potential. I believe our best days lie ahead! A character in George Bernard Shaw’s play Back to Methuselah stated, “Some people see things as they are and say why? I … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts #2

Following are some random thoughts I wanted to share with all of you. At least one of these is really going to resonate with you right now. Fear distorts, anger destroys, doubt limits. Love expands, prospers, and transforms. Where will … Continue reading

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“Conspiracy Theory” and Other Mind Control Techniques

Today’s Thought: Whose idea should be off limits? Whose right to express and explore denied? If you’re willing to make that call, then it could be your freedom, your right that is shut down. Let us create a world where … Continue reading

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