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Evolution: No Good Answer to Why Humans Don’t Have Fur

Mainstream science has a problem with one of its most esteemed theories – evolution. Don’t get me wrong. I believe evolution is a part of the equation of how life – even human life – came to be on this … Continue reading

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Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation Excerpt – Interventionism

“There must be a third option. I believe it was interventionism and the Anunnaki did it,” Jaypee asserted pointing at Inanna. “Interventionism, I don’t understand, Jay.” “Human beings were not created—not in the sense you hear about in church. We … Continue reading

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Ray Davis Discusses the Audience for Anunnaki Awakening

The Anunnaki Awakening series will appeal to a number of different audiences. The books will certainly have elements of a classic science fiction space adventure. There’s a Dan Brownesque lite tip of the cap to the alternative history arm of … Continue reading

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