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The Three Gods and How to Tell Them Apart

Many in the world believe that old books will determine our destiny. For me, nothing could be further from the truth. I agree old books are and they have controlled our destiny for millennia. There is no accident in this. … Continue reading

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Inanna – From the Bridge of Rakbu #1

The politics on your world is a reflection of your collective mindset. No one should be surprised by it. When your collective vibration is raised from slave mindsets, it will be reflected in more wisdom in your public discourse. Until … Continue reading

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The Sumerian God Dumuzi and the Winter Solstice

Dumuzi (Dumuzid/Tammuz) was called “The Shepherd God” among the ancient Sumerians. The young god courted the goddess Inanna (they are shown together in the image at left). Later, after Inanna’s famous descent into the underworld, Dumuzi frees her by replacing … Continue reading

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