Prominent Geneticist Questions Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection

By Michele Monroe, ANN
July 8, 2022

Attractive thinking woman(New York, NY) She’s brilliant. She’s beautiful. Now Dr. Sloane McKay is challenging the genetics establishment and along with it the holy grail of scientific orthodoxy — Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she says flashing her blue eyes and a knowing smile, “I’m a firm believer in biological evolution on this planet. The evidence that simpler forms became more advanced forms across the aeons is indisputable. My argument is specifically related to the emergence of modern human beings on the planet.”

She denies she’s harming science in its debate with creationists by expressing her doubts. “Evolution has the big picture right when it comes to life on Earth. However, many spiritual traditions have it right when they talk about a sudden emergence of modern humans.”

“There’s something unique about us,” she claims. “From a genetic standpoint, we are very similar to primates. It’s where the differences are in the genomes that captures my interest. They’re too focused on intelligence and brain function, based on what we know now. It’s unlikely that natural selection, given the punctuated emergence of our species, could account for such stark differences in intelligence and behavior.”

“I’m still researching my hypothesis, but I argue the core duplicons are responsible for that significant gap in intelligence. These are genes specifically targeted to brain function. Our nearest primate relatives have one set. Other mammals have none. Humans have almost too many to count. There is no evolutionary model I’m aware of that can account for it.”

McKay has her skeptics. Dr. Eric Nagas, Director of the National Skeptics Alliance, questions her science. “Clearly, Dr. McKay is very bright. She should invest her time finding answers to new questions, not wasting it on questions science long ago settled.”

If evolution cant’ account for these sudden changes in our species, what can? McKay hesitated at this question. “Little green men,” she joked. “Seriously, though, it appears that evolution on our planet received a helping hand. Some have called this Intervention Theory. It seems like a good place to start.”

McKay’s ideas have met with a cold reception from colleagues. Many share Nagas’ view that Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection has stood the test of time and remains the most plausible explanation.

Nagas admitted McKay asks some interesting questions. They are questions he’s convinced can and will be solved within the framework of Darwin’s theory.

Michele Monroe is the science writer of America’s Next Network (ANN). ANN is committed to transparent news and discussion of the worlds truly big questions.

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